How To Make - Making Better Drums with Enamour / 720

Some good content inside but the instructor isn’t cut out for teaching. He rarely explains why does any of the things he does, and half the time I can hear a vacuum going off in the background. Like dude if you’re trying to be professional and sell this the least you could do is wait for your mom to finish vacuuming the hallway.

Hi there @farrisismati

I’m not too much worried about Enamour being professional enough to actually manage to sell some things :smile:

This kind of comment isn’t relevant at all : it’s just stupid, childish, almost offensive since you start to cross the line between privacy respect making such a stupid assumption. Please behave, this is really not what the forums and Sonic Academy community spirit is about.

You have the right to be critical about a course, but you should try to explain & share what you think was missing, or what issue did you have with recording quality or whatever it was that made you feel that a tutorial wasn’t good enough. There’s absolutely no need to be arrogant, harsh or commenting with a very bad sense of humor to do so.

Fascinating course. Really worth the time and $

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Hey there @silona

Be sure to check the other Enamour’s tutorials if you haven’t done yet :wink:

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Nice, learned a few new things.

I love this course; great job by Enamour!

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Thanks great tutorial, I need to go over this a few times as I’m new to production, delivered at a nice pace. Learned a good few new things so now its about practice. Some of the comments on here are petty and disrespectful man. Got nothing productive to say then say nothing SMH. Cheers Enamour.

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Super informative, Thanks Enamour

This tutorial is a gem. Everything is explained to the tiniest detail. Would love to see more of Enamour on SA.

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You can check those other Enamour’s courses if you haven’t already :

I wonder if Native Instruments “Choral” would be a good chorus effect for hats? Will try that out compared with TAL’s chorus.

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I didn’t see any mention of snares in this tutorial. Is there any guidance on when you use snares or not, or is it just dependent on the song/genre? Thanks.

It’s more music genre dependant yes ( e.g : in Synthwave you will find the classic “Reverb Gated Snare” ) though you can also layer a snare and a kick drum to bring variation to beats ( e.g : Kick / Kick +Snare / Kick / Kick + Snare pattern ).

Any Chorus plug-in will fit TBH, you can also use saturation on top of this, the main purpose is to make your drums elements sounding more alive and less digital or synthetic.
TAL Chorus LX is free BTW, and it does the job :sunglasses: