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Making Better Drums with Enamour

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Washington based Progressive House sensei Enamour for a new masterclass in How To Make Better Drums.

These 8 videos are packed full of pro secrets, tips and tricks to help you create the finest sounding beats.

Starting with Enamour’s process for the all-important kick, we carry out an extensive use of chopping up and editing sample loops to build our own unique rhythmic grooves. Always focussing on the transients and envelope manipulation of each hit, we layer and offset our drums on the grid using randomisation to help with realism.
We also go in the other direction and completely alter a rhythmic loop using filters and grain delay to get cool abstract effects before checking out Enamour’s drum buss chain and send/return effects used on all the elements.
Finally, we look at a way to create a rhythm from any sound with clever use of a gate, give more realism to our hits using round-robin sampling and some different methods of widening our groove in the stereo field.

One for all abilities with a ton of valuable insider knowledge from a true professional exclusive here on the world’s best tutorial site!

Check it!

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Oh yes!


Looking forward to checking these out, the Ruby one was gold!

@NathanHatter You’re right, the “Ruby” course was gold, I’m sure we gonna get some diamonds with this one.

Have a nice week end guys :slight_smile:


thanks very helpful

Some great tips in here. Between this and the Ruby walk through, Enamour has definitely taken my studio efforts to the next level, thank you so much!

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great course for some more advanced and specific drum tips. excited to check out the ruby vid as well.

Excellent tutorial & very fine tips & tricks here. Glad to see @enamour back on Sonic Academy and really expecting there will be other courses coming. A lot of attention is payed to bring more human rhythm & musicality in his productions and it really makes a difference in the end. Next to that, very nice way to explain & teach things he’s doing.

Thanks for sharing this on S.A

Thanks Michael for giving us some insight on drum programming as well as your overall workflow with the Ruby tutorial. I know it takes time to make these things and sharing some of your knowledge is very kind of you.

Brilliant in-depth course on drum programing. Thank you.

Great course. You’re great at explaining things. I learned a lot! Can’t wait for the next course now that you have more “free time” for music… :slight_smile:

Is there any more organic ways of Drum Tuning without the use of Digitization percussion plug In?

Thank you!


Not sure what you mean by “more organic ways”, but IMO, once your percussive material is recorded in, your best option to tune it is to load the audio file in a sampler/drum kit and to use the pitch/octave features from the sampler. You can “fine tune” percussive material using EQ, but not really changing octave.

Learning so much from this! Amazing!

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What sample pack were the drums hits from?


Better be answered by @enamour but I think that this one was used ( you can picture it in Live’s browser during the tutorial if I recall well ).

we need more @enamour tutorials here! great approach to production with his methodology and great at explaining things - Michael, please come back here and do one of the tracks from your Sleep Paralysis EP, please!

Some good “rubies” of info

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