How to make massive tech trance bassline like

Hello everyone
Im trying to create bassline similiar to this one at minute 3:55 in this video -     because i just cant get the right bass sound.
Its a really deep fat groove tech bassline, i was trying use vanguard vst in fl studio but i can´t get the same bass or even something close.

so I ask for your help some ideas? or if the administrators see this can made a new tech tip video tutorial for techtrance :) because there are only one  :D, one more updated i would really appreciate it! 

Thanks in advace.

In Ableton you can use a Simpler/Sampler device and an 808 kick. But in FL? Try a their sampler + an 808 kick. (Or buy Ableton and I send you the preset:w00t:,

I just sent you the wrong instrument rack via your mail.

Try this: