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Melbourne Bounce with Ryan Enzed

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Guest Tutor Ryan Enzed is back on Sonic Academy presenting his latest course - How To Make Melbourne Bounce. Derived from the up-beat, horn-synth infused Dutch house and using elements of psytrance and electro house along with an offbeat baseline for that all important ‘Bounce’ feel, Ryan digs deep into this unique genre. Over 13 videos Ryan shows you how programme the drums, baselines, synth leads right through to the mixing and mastering. Be careful though, this track is going to lodge itself in your brain!

Great Track Ryan. I use ableton so don't have the same plugins but am doing my best to work through it. Would love to see something like this for ableton in the future.

I've just about completed this tut in Ableton Live 9, its easy to translate you will have to buy ANA and KICK to get really close but the synths he uses from Logic can easily be replaced with any synth really. I've changed a few things in my version but it translates well in Live.

Hi Jamal, Thanks for your reply. Been really busy the last week so haven't finished this yet. I did download ANA because all the latest tutorials use it and am doing ok so far. Like you said, I think most of the tutorial is possible to do across different DAW's so will probably finish it off next weekend. Mark

Great Tutorial! I really thought the bells and whistles sections and mixing were great! It have expanded my ideas and help me with other projects. You guys should make a Breaks tutorial similar to the sound of Hybrid - Kill City or Burn.

Great tut. Just a heads up that on the tutorials page you have the software marked as Ableton.

Thanks for that..

On some videos the end is missing like tutorial 8, last part when Ryan is looking for the second snare(dubstep) in the build up the tutorial is stoping and switching to the next! Is only me having this problem?

Anyone having problems with tuts 11, 12, and 13? For me they are slow/glitchy not loading properly, message pop up says video unavailable after a while.

Any chance you guys are bona make this tutorial on Ableton? Thanks!

No plans, however a lot of our users have many times followed a logic course in Ableton with great success, and vice versa.

I'm having some trouble loading up the included .exs Sampler Instrument files. I've copied them to the appropriate folder in Logic (which I created, next to the other stock Sampler Instrument folders), but when I load up the instrument in EXS24, it says it can't find the audio files. I also copied the audio files to the EXS Factory Samples folder in a folder with the same name as the one I created to store the .exs. Still no luck. Any advice on getting the exs kits into Logic X?

I was able to patch the kit back together. First, I had to enable Advanced Editing in Logic X Preferences. That enabled the Edit button in the EXS24. In the edit view, I could see that there was a missing audio file. I pointed it to the audio file supplied in the downloads for this tutorial. Then I just moved the sample to the note I wanted and unchecked the pitch box so it wouldn't pitch shift the sound. Now I'm up and running. Cheers!

Glad you got sorted. The samples can live anywhere in your drive, and the .exs file should be placed User > Music > Audio Music Apps > Sampler Instruments. For future ref.

Is anyone else getting the "Video is not available" message????

Hi Isaak

are you still getting this error?

NEED more Melbourne/bounce tutorials. This one is great! I am on ableton and it s translates pretty good! but i would love to have more tutorials.

in the playthrough, you have track 44 Zedd Boom Down coming in at bar 85... but where is this covered in the tutorial? That boom down *makes* the whole track! lol. But great tutorial nonetheless, cheers! thanks for giving great insight with the "bells and whistles" parts to help understand the little bits that make this genre tick. Cheers.

i've finished the tutorial... the intro "playthrough" has a lot more elements e.g. 54 tracks than you have and in the tutorial at the end of final video "mastering" you have only 44 tracks - there's a lot of key elements you didn't cover in terms of what's on the "playthrough" vs. what you actually build in the tutorial. I guess the idea is for us to understand the core concepts and expand on those... it's a great tutorial. there are some bells and whistles you have on the "playthrough" I wish were covered in the tutorial. But great work, thanks so much. the value of notching eq in the mastering prep - thanks for every valuable tip. Cheers!

Can anyone tell me how to get this project files please??? and where to download it???