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Melodic Dubstep with CRaymak

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‘Super September’ continues so back by popular demand, we welcome CRaymak for a brand new epic ‘How To Make’ course where he recreates his recent melodic dubstep track ‘Goodbye’ featuring Micah Martin.

Not for the faint-hearted, this is a multi-layered monster of a track with a build-up and drop that will give your CPU a wake-up call! However, the production skillz CRaymak shares in this detailed six and a half hour course are priceless if you’re into bass music.
From using massive orchestral drum hits and gritty basslines to melodic plucks, powerful leads and huge layered super-saws right through to vocal processing, mixing and mastering - this course has it all.

Recreating a track of this size from scratch is no mean feat but CRaymak totally nails it, so what are you waiting for?

Dive in and check it out!

I love the filter work


Following through exactlty. . . there is “Goodbye Vox 1” and “Goodbye - Vox 1” located in the download. At first used Goodbye - Vox 1 located in folder ‘Samples’ > Imported. But the vocals are off beat. I lined up beginning and end perfect but he there is an extra 1/4 in the 14th bar. Causing the piano Chords to not match up with the song thereafter.

Found the other located under folder 'GoodbyeCRaymak ’ but the tempo and key are way off when i insert it. Im pretty new so maybe its just me!

learned so much thank you for this!

A lot of the files are missing, presets, and ableton group presets. The saws and plucks in particular I’m on right now.

Hi there, have you downloaded all course’s resources and check the included Ableton project ?

There’s no separated resources for presets, but there’s a lot of Ableton ADG files included for each course part.

For presets, I believe they are included in the Ableon Project file, but you will need to have the same plugins.

Also, could you please point Video numbers and video time frame and detail what presets you’re after ?

Hey yeah so I found stuf in the ableton file alright. It was just certain ADG files for the plucks and saws in video 6 were not present in the folder, but they are in the ableton project, its just a bit clunky to go in and get them out of there while working.

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