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Melodic Prog House

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This week Sonic Academy tutor Bryan Spence takes us into the subgenres of Progressive House - focusing this time on the more melodic style reminisant of the Pryda sound. Learn how to create arpeggiated synth loops and rhythms, as well as getting a sneak preview of the upcoming KICK synth in our drums tutorial. 

wicked track!!

One of the more promising Tutorials. Quite good work- drifted off on contemplative mind-set- in by view- good music.

It really is niche in here.

For myself, being located in Australia, in a &#039beach&#039 side coastal town- i feel as if i am the only person on the earth living this lifestyle- it is always nice to know it is not the case.

In fact, it is this disconnection from others- that i find most challenging.

I have come to far, and given up to much- not to make something of my own &#03910,000&#039 hours. I just- at the age, where it seems &#039too simple&#039. I am having troubles believing in the music.

If anyone cares to reach out- i could really use a hand- if only a encouraging word. I confess- i got into this via the underground in 92&#039- I was a Amiga user- but of course i am willing to hop on the legit bandwagon, and take a mature approach to scene and the industry.

For everybody in Chrome having dificulty downloading the resources... right click the link and select open in new tab (than it starts immediately without errors)

Great course Bryan!

Any News about when This KICK will be release?? great tutorial as usual..

great tutorial. bomb track!

Im in the states from a hiphop background getting into house and Pop music. I been with this site for a while. I &#039ve gone from having great samples and not knowing what to do with themâ?¦Too taking garbage sounds and making the most out of them.. I LOVE THis SITE!!!!!..ROCK ON.!!!!!


Absolutely awesome, thanks Bryan! Very worth while & helpful - especially to see your smooth & productive/fast arrangement flow...loved it. Cheers...almost finished now ... next one !! ;)

This is an epic tutorial. Very well put together and great to watch. Definitely worth taking a look at! BlueOnyx make the best of your &#03410,000&#034 hours and remember music is for fun most of all. You&#039ve come to far! Show the value of hard work. I&#039m sure there are some people around you who enjoy the same things. Just search more and give it time!

Sounds like avicii ;p

sounds 10 times better than Avicii

Sounds very similar to Pryda - Shadows but none the less the tutorial is very impressive

Man, this guy does nothing to explain why he's doing what he's doing with the strings.

a 'wee bit' of this, and a 'wee bit' of that lol.

Haha :))

Very good course . Thanks Bryan .

Bry is the secret weapon. Every business should have one

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