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Melodic Techno with Gai Barone

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes brand new tutor Gai Barone this week for a new ‘How To Make’ course where the Italian DJ and producer, who’s been released on Guy J’s Lost and Found and appeared on some of the world’s biggest imprints, including Coldharbour, Hope Recordings, Perfecto, and Armada, recreates his epic Melodic Techno track ‘Suitcase’ from scratch in Ableton Live.

Starting in session view Gai skilfully builds the elements needed for the track including layered kicks, percussive bass, sampled drum hits, leads, atmospheres and glitched vocals before diving into the arrangement where he carefully uses automation to help the track’s movement and evolve into a stunning techno soundscape.

Packed full of tips, tricks and techniques from a true pro, this is a must-watch for any of you looking to create your own tracks in this genre.

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Very nice tutorial, great sound - much thanks Gai

Amazing tutorial. Thank you for putting in so much effort to making this great!

So pleased one on my favourite artists has shared some of his secret sauce .Well done Sonic Academy


actually enjoyed this read


Great Course, so far!

More melodic techno please. I love this :slight_smile:

@crazyhorse1 Check the Enamour HTM “Ruby” and Lauren Mia Walkthrough “Tantra” courses :slight_smile:

Nice track!

This has been one of my favourite tutorials. Superb content :ok_hand:

Really enjoyed this tutorial, very straightforward and effectively well-sounding! Loved how organically all automation went into this!

Great course , very in depth

I had a great time going through this tutorial keep it up.