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Minimal Tech House in Ableton Live

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How To Make… Minimal Tech House

Infuse your tunes with the Minimal Techy goodness reminiscent of tunes by Dubfire and FORMAT:B. In the space of eight videos, your Sonic Academy tutor will cover all the bases of Minimal Tech House (white noise, riser and arranging included, among other things). We also throw in all the Ableton project and sample files you need to assemble and polish a tune of your own.

how did you make that kind of riverb on the clap sounds? it looks like a sidechain compression on the reverb isn't it?

Where is the rest of this tutorial, the preview is clearly different from the project provided in the resources? Terrible incomplete, lazy tutorial, not even worth the hour.

its simple and easy to understand! thank you for this tutorial!

Great tutorial !

succint tutorial but I’m not impressed. No clear explanations on creative direction, musical choices and any of the things that give one insight into the artist’s way of thinking.
Learnt a few cool things but I’m not too happy with the presentation and content.


Sorry to hear that you did not find all what you were expecting in this course, now you must also realize that this is a rather short length course ( 0ne Hour long only ! ) which of course makes it difficult to go in-depth about making a specific genre track from scratch.

It’s a good point to start IMO , if you’re after more in-depth tutorials dealing with Tech-House related genre, I suggest you to browse to this page All Courses and use the “Tech House” words the search field on the right as shown below, you may find some gems in there :slight_smile:

As a beginner I really love this tutorial, only wished it would only use Ableton stock plugins or point to free alternatives, since I don’t know yet where this journey will take me and I don’t want to spend a fortune on plugins that might not suit my needs in the long run. Besides that brilliant, it’s cut to the chase, no unnecessary content to just have a blown up 5 hour tutorial.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: