How To Make Minimal Tech House (Logic Pro)

Wondering if there had been any development on this scheduled March video.

How To Make Minimal Tech House (Logic Pro)

Many thanks

I guess this tutorial has been canned. Shame as I would love to see more Logic Pro tutorials.

Thanks for the link…

Sonic Academy delivers!

I’m still waiting on this one as well. It would be nice to have more Logic Pro content but I guess the main focus on this site will always be Ableton Live. Which makes perfectly good business sense since most of the users here seem to be on Ableton.

Hopefully some more material will be out soon.

MMM, Still wondering if there will be this Logic tutorial or any?

I’ve got Logic & Ableton - But anything related to Minimal / Techno - or Tech House is right up my alley.

We want more Stuff! 

I agree with icn ! Please make more stuff in Logic Pro 9 ! Most of Proffesionals working with both Hosts . (Chris Lake etc ).:slight_smile: