How to make money with your music

wouldn’t that be nice:w00t:

the only way i make money working with Music is Djing . getting signed by labels and networking with people help me get good Paid Gigs. ( most of the time :P)

but still have a full time Job to support my living .

but yeah i agree . would be nice to just make money Producing music .

Maybe good tips about the networking? I mean where can I ship music too?

I already have Myspacemusic, Soundcloud and posted some tunes here on the forum and on my facebook. Any tips are welcome :slight_smile:

one big tip here . Many Producers want to release their Music in the biggest label out there . now if you have a super hot track that u know that is sure hit , that would the best shortcut for gigs and promotions.

many new Producers try this way and get frustrated because they cant make that top chart track .

now there is exceptions always , like a skilled producer.

Now the second option would be to release your Music with local labels that push events . there is some small labels that organize huge events and bring headliners.

u might not release the hottest track in there but u get to meet and network with People who are already established in the industry .

most of them will hook you up with gigs and help u get your Dj on . while you polish your Producer skills.

eventually with the experience u will get producing u will get signed by a big label .

by then u already will have Fans and tons of people that will try to book you for their events .

so u should practice, study , a lot . and do some research about the labels .

there is some producers out there who want to release their Music in big labels only .

they mix very well but their music still suck (they cant realize this due to the fact that they dont have exposure about the clubs or most of the time are egotistical people who think that they make the good music :P)

so please dont fall under that idea ,of trying to release in Big Labels .

I spoke with some friend like MR Vic ( Budai and Vic) , he released massive choons in Plastic city Records.( the biggest Deep house label out there) . and he still dont make enough money even do got signed by the top Deep house labels out there.

so yeahh try to look for labels that promote you. help u get gigs in events , and help u network .

Very good tip.

Hej I would make music even I myself where the only one to listen to it.

I just love it, its what I do :-), and its just nice to get some recognition once and a while to make it all worth it.

Like the first time one of your mates really likes what you made, or the first time one of your tracks gets played in a club, or radio, these are awsome rewards, even tho its not money.

Keep it coming…

oh definitely brother!! pretty much the same reason that most of us do it . just for the love of it . having to play your track in a Big club and see people reactions can be priceless :smiley:

send your tracks to labels no matter what. you never know you might get signed!!!

How does that work then? I mean, if I send them an Mp3 the quality is bad, and if i send the wave, well , they have the song then. Please enlighten me. Maybe you can send me in the right direction?

Seriously, between chemistry classes and musicmaking (its all elements and synthesis btw) I barely have time to check out other stuff let alone go looking for labels. There are loads of “how to’s” but none of them seem to focus on getting your stuff out there and making sure it gets heard. Its not that I’m lazy, just don’t have a clue how to go about this side of the game.

Its turning into a good topic, keep it coming !!! Just trow it on there…

send a couple of your tracks to audiojelly and see how you do as an unsigned artist.

It definitely depends on the type of music you are producing and your own personal goals. My first advice is to take a step back and look at it from a business perspective. We are talking money here, so you gotta learn to talk business.

Your music (whether you’re talking about production or DJ’ing/Performance, whatever it is) is your product. where do you want to sell it? how much is it worth? can you continually turn out new, quality product, to compete with the rest of the industry? Making money doing music (or anything in the arts field, really) takes a lot of time and a lot of money invested. And most artists don’t think businesslike at all, which is part of the reason people think that artists and musicians can’t make a lot of money doing what they like. look at the guys doing this site for example.

It takes a LOT more hard work than most people producing for fun are willing to put in to get substantial returns. But it most definitely CAN be done if you’re savvy enough and good enough. Get a plan. Get a lot of tracks. Start getting fans and working VERY VERY hard and make sure all your ducks are in a row and you approach it with a little bit of a business sense and be ready to hustle your *** off. Demos, business cards, know the market, etc. I think you’re starting to get the gist of what I’m saying at this point, but it can totally be done.