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Moombahcore with SeamlessR in FL Studio 12

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Sonic Academy proudly presents another massive SeamlessR course. In this all new ‘How To Make Moombahcore’ SeeamlessR guides you through this bass heavy, genre infusing style. 


This 5 hour, 17 video, 110 bpm monster takes it’s cues from house music, dancehall, reggaeton and even a sprinkle of dubstep. As is common with all SeamlessR courses, expect the dirtiest of baselines, the punchiest of drums, the fullest of chords, and the most glorious arps. Using just FL Studio 12 plugins you will be programming Harmor for ‘Growl’ and ‘Rhythm’ basses, and Sytrus for added low end FM Basses.


Then, moving onto creating lead lines, soaring risers, complex arranging of drops and finally mixing and mastering. This is a meaty course, ready to take your skills to the next level!




Really great series of vids. I enjoyed this a lot.

I hate seamless way to explain things and how fast he does it -__-


He's not explaining, he's just showing. This is hardly a tutorial. Not How to, How I.

If Seamless could slow down both his workflow (which can be scattered) and his explanations, his videos would benefit much more. His production skills and sound design are substantial, and I appreciate his contributions to SA but his workflow should definitely be addressed because there were similar issues/complaints with the Electro House series. -- 6 year subscriber

Great tutorial. It says intermdiate/advanced. Its not going to hold your hand. I followed this using ableton 9.5 pretty easily.

Seamless has bar-none the most info packed lessons on SA and it’s not even close. He’s like those winter term college courses where you can take an entire semester of calculus in just a few weeks. Having a wife and baby encourages judicious use of recreational time, so I REALLY appreciate this format and hope to see more of his work here.

Some may not like his style, but then, some might not like taking a semester’s worth of calculus over winter break. Horses for courses!

Very cool Tutorial

Hello to my school! I’ll be buying this course soon, but I’d like to re-learn the basics of introducing from the beginning the sound boxes and writing melodies and the fl studio buttons… please send me the basic course about the Studio blanket for beginners, thank you…

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I am in need of an e-course and a radical house, I am looking forward to having SeamlessR teacher teach the new roadmap 2023 of FL Studio, can you please invite SeamlessR to teach the above 2 courses again