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How to Make… Nu-Gaze

Sonic Academy’s video music production tutorial How to Make…Nu-gaze breaks down all the parts of an epic Nu-gaze track and takes you step-by-step through making your own. Taking our cues for M83 we record live bass and guitars on this epic 2 hour course.

Course features:


• Learn to make music online, in your own time and at your own pace;

• Learn quickly from our high quality video tutorials, presented by industry professionals;

• Get the most from your equipment – there is nothing more frustrating than having kit and not being able to use it. You want to make music and Sonic Academy tutorials show you how!


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Hi There,

This course looks amazing! I am new to your site and I am very interested in buying this course. I did notice in one of the free videos that you used Guitar Rig. Excuse my ignorance, but would I need to purchase Guitar Rig? Or is it somehow included in the resources after I’ve purchased the course?

Thanks so much


Hi Jake

You can use Guitar Rig yes - you would need to purchase it. Alternatively Ableton Live has its own distortion unit and AMP simulator that you could use. This should work just as well!

Great! Thanks, I shall make the purchase. Looking forward to it

Hi, I’ve just purchased this course but the download link for does not work

Hey - this should be working for you in a few mins :smile:

Thanks so much Bryan - really enjoying the course so far :slight_smile:

Allover a really good Tutorial. If I had to criticize anything, I would say that the quality of the videos are not good enough, but this is not essential, because the quality of the content is really high standard and that counts.

I would like to know, where I can find some high quality samples (One Shots) for this kind of music. It is really a mess, because mostly you will find Loops. Any tips will be appreciated. Thumb up :)

great tutorial guys. Thanks!

This is really awesome. I love how you create all the sounds

Thanks alot, really helpful methods !

An excellent tutorial! Very refreshing to work in a non-EDM style, for a change. The lessons clearly show the solid essentials of building this track, without getting bogged down in perfectionism or endless tweaking. The techniques are surprisingly rudimentary, and the resulting track sounds great. Highly recommended for anyone wanting inspiration to pick up their guitar.

Great job, guys !


Refreshing to find alternative music genres! You can learn a variety of arranging and mixing techniques.

Guitar folder in is empty, is this normal?

Hey @S_T

Yep, I downloaded it to check and you’re right the “Guitar” folder is dead empty, but :slight_smile:
you’ll find all recorded guitar’s audio parts within the Ableton Project folder at the following location :

NG_Project/Nugaze/NG Finished Track Project/Samples/Recorded

  • 0001 14-Audio-3.aif
  • 0001 16-Audio-2.aif
  • 0001 17-Audio-1.aif
  • 0002 15-Audio-1.aif

Checking back the “Live Guitar” section from the tutorial, those are the parts that Phil recorded in + a bass guitar track.

Cheers !