How To Make - Outsider House with P-LASK / 1280

Outsider House with P-LASK

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Ableton guru P-LASK for a new epic ‘How To Make’ course creating an ‘Outsider House’ track in the style of DJ Boring, Ross From Friends and Mall Grab.

Starting from scratch and utilising mainly Ableton stock plugins, Paul builds the drum patterns, sound designs the synths and bass lines merging analogue and digital, and utilises a classic vocal sample while making subtle adjustments to each element to get that lo-fi gritty feel.

P-LASK’s courses are always a hit with you guys and this one is no exception - packed full of straightforward and easy-to-follow workflow techniques, this 4-hour course will help you get that sought after dated sound so you can that ‘feel’ to whatever genre you want.

Check it out!

Is the convolution reverb process hungry? Seems to kill my laptop when I use it but other stuff does now too. Maybe time for an upgrade :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed this tutorial, also watched the lo-fi house and deep house ones this weekend off the back of this.
I like Paul’s workflow/teaching style defo going to check out the Ableton-specific instrument/effects courses he does too.

This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!!