How to make Pad sounds, specifically, for Saw tooth sounding Lead?

Hi there, SA fellow music aficionados. :slight_smile:

I am posting this as a General Go-to Quick help for people to figure out, how they can make Pads/Chords for their Background atmosphere to capture the right mood of their track…which has a Saw tooth Lead that is aggressive in nature. I know a lot of people generally have a hard time in trying to create Pad sounds.

:exclamation: Please HELP! :exclamation:

I am not asking anyone to make it for me or for others. Just asking for advise to work in the right direction! :slight_smile:

:exclamationmark: The Lead sound is here :

Please listen and advise how to make a Pad sound fit for it. (I have given in a lot of hours trying to figure out what sounds good, but I am only coming up with something mediocre, and I am not pleased with it until now. I am ready to work hard as hell, Just need direction.)


have you got the midi part?

I would just use very similar sound playing the same chords but held and with a low pass filter.

Hi Phil-

Yes, I have the midi part. (attaching it to the post so anyone can check it out!)

Also, I am attaching 2 snapshots of Sylenth used to create this Riff sound.

Part A -

Part B -

For some reason, I am ending up with pad sounds that sound somewhat ok, but nothing great…as in the atmosphere doesn’t bring that wow, or rush factor!

Phil - If I play something similar sounding, then wouldn’t it take the Impact away from the Lead? I want the listener to stay focussed on the Riff, but just want the atmospheric pad to help elevate that moment, if you will. Please advise.


Any Ideas/help…anyone? :crying:

still struggling :frowning:

Please, Can anyone give it a shot?

dude the best way would be Eqing and  cutting the frequencies that sits close to the lead frequencies . try to use the same presets of the synth that u used for the lead . then EQ  . experiment high pass filters and low pass filters too .  . sorry i cant help u out with the midi since i am at my work computer :(.

Yo! Thanks for the reply mate. I’m gonna experiment a bit, like you mentioned, and we’ll see what I come up with. Guess I’m on the right track now…but Just want to nail it right, don’t care if it takes me some time to learn/n experiment. :smiley:

Cheers everyone!