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Peak Time Trance in Ableton Live

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This is cool, but would it be possible to either create some Ableton trance tutorials that don’t require Nexus, Sylenth, Kick, or any other external plugins, or at least create some “sidebars” with alternate instructions for using standard/built-in plugins and instruments?

hi tom, we do try to use the base plugins for the DAW when creating our tutorials. However, there are some plugins that will be required at a very basic level.

One of them would be a synthesiser such as ANA / Sylenth etc. The reason for this is because Ableton doesn’t actually have a synthesiser built into its basic package. So we essentially try to pick one or two plugins that we can use across all of the DAWs.

Where a plugin like that is used, we do try to bounce down the stems for those with no synthesiser at all so they can at least hear the sounds played back as an audio track.

When it comes to our Artist content we take the shackles off them a little bit and allow them to use really whatever plugins they normally use. Again, the reason for this is that we are trying to showcase how the Artist creates their signature sound, and usually, that relies on particular plugins to help them achieve that. Where possible we ask them to explain how you would do that with an alternative plugin.

Ah right on, that all makes very good sense, I guess I’ll be investing in some plugins! Very good stuff overall, content and presentation are top notch.

You can’t go wrong with ANA. It is a great synth for an unbelievable price.

I have been a bedroom producer for years, but only half way through this course I have learned so many new techniques! There are so many things I realise now I was doing the long and hard way. Even though these tutorials are a few years old now, I am absolutely loving them. Thanks Phil and Sonic Academy.

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Truly awesome tutorial! Here´s my take on it:

Awesome! Just learnt a new skill! Thank you SA!

Nice tutorial. Can we have some new Trance tutorials for Ableton Live 9.5?

We will certainly try!

When your making the Stabs, whats the sound you use? or how can I recreate that sound? I see they keys but thats about it

Probably should have been a little more specific to my last post. The sound/stab/synth that comes in at 2:30 under sylenth1, I would like to see some information on how to create that particular sound or close to it. Sounds very late 90’s early 2000’s euro trance, and I love it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Have you watched the course - all of the elements from the song are re-made in the videos.

Thank Bryan, ill check it out now

I’ve really enjoyed this course and learned quite a bit from it :slight_smile:


The song is so great,I’d like study it

This course may use an older version of AL but for me coming new to AL10 as a DAW it is really pushing my knowledge on by a significant margin. This is marked by SA an Intermediate course and so as a newbie has had me wondering how Phil the tutor was doing what he was as I watched the video playback but I am slowly figuring it out for myself which has been challenging at times but nevertheless, a great learning experience. Still not half way through the course yet but up to his point I am really enjoying the experience and learning a lot. Thank you!

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This course really has accelearted my learing of AL. Its really difficult coming to a new complex software package when you know your current one so well (Sonar/Cakewalk) because everything looks and feels different. But this course has really stretched and pushed my understanding of Ableton a very long way wghich is just what I wanted. Now 2/3’s of the way through and really enjoying the journey!

Hey @Paul881

Great to read that this course was really helpful to you and your learning about Live :slight_smile:

I remember when I first tried to switch to Live myself and TBH it took me several attempts since each time I would try I would give it up at a certain point because I couldn’t grab the GUI, layout & midi/audio workflow inside Live.

Well… after finally deciding to follow some tutorials and to take the time to dig more into it, it finally worked out and the funny thing is that Live is now my “go to” DAW that I will fire up whenever inspiration strikes :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of really nice tuts on Live 10 on Sonic Academy’s website :

  • many others when it comes to “How to make” & “Tips & Tricks” tutorials series…

You can also use the tutorial’s search page using Filters & the “Search” Text field in order to find matching courses. All Courses
Hope that helps and happy learning then :slight_smile:

Cheers !