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Piano Roll with Sonny Wharton

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes a brand new tutor this week - UK based House and Techno DJ/Producer Sonny Wharton and over the next 2 hours, we get to watch as he recreates his track ‘Piano Roll’ in Logic Pro.

Starting with a simple piano loop Sonny builds an awesome accompanying groove, cleverly creates a ‘bootleg’ bassline and then arranges the track out creating tension with breaks, builds, effects and automation.

Ideal for beginners, Sonny’s simple yet effective workflow ends up with a stomping house classic!

Go check it out!

Awesome tutorial! Thank u

thanks for this tutorial

Great tutorial!

Thanks learned a lot from this might help develop a few 8 bar loops piano loops I’ve got on my hard drive I couldn’t turn into an MK style banger. Key things I need to try in my tracks:

Skippy snare rolls instead of the old volume automation as snare rolls get faster
Snare delay sounded sweet
Layering more hats / claps instead of reaching for a tops loop sample
Do not need 16 tracks of FX samples on the track
Don’t overthink the outro and add 4 minutes to the track while your drop out each elements bit by bit (wish there was a tool to copy the into and reverse for your outro!)