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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Austin Hull this week and following on from his previous tutorials with us, we’re checking out How To Make Pop with an awesome track ‘Get Gone’ featuring Stella Jones on vocals.

Starting with a blank template in Cubase, Austin builds this song from the ground up with a simple but catchy chord progression followed by synth pad and lead sound design using multiple layers and percussive elements to get the initial feel and groove.

Always keeping the vocalist in mind, Austin continues to build the track with wide variety and interest using further sound design, automation of filters and effects so there is plenty for the vocalist to work from.

Once the instrumental is completed we get a fascinating insight into the production process as Austin chats with Stella Jones discussing how they collaborate, even though they are in different locations highlighting the pros and cons and giving a ton of tips and tricks on how to make this sort of artist relationship work.

Finally, we bring in the vocals and process the stems adding some dope techniques to help them shine before mixing and mastering to complete the song.

This is a unique course giving a professional insight into how to work with other artists from a distance which, thanks to the digital world we live in today, is becoming more and more common.

Go check it out and be inspired!

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sofa!!,good tutorials ,really helpful

Austin Hulls courses are some of the best courses available. It’s so awesome and very rare to see a course that focuses on Pop. Like Austin says “it’s fire”

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Really great idea to put a interview in the tutorial that way. I save that idea :slight_smile:

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Where did you get the KSHMR pack with the impacts etc.? Like to get my hands on that!

Awesome tutorial by the way, really appreciate watching you create and explain it as you go. It’s inspiring!

Great Tutorial!

Well , really thanks you !!! This tutorial is good !!! I will keep supporting you !!!

Awesome tutorials, learn a lot. When comes the next one :slight_smile:

great course ! I will buy with pleasure !

What Cubase version is required? will “artist” be fine?

Hi @AL1616

IMO, not having the full version of Cubase or even working with a different DAW should not stop you. Though it might not be possible to make full use of the project files & the tutor’s session, following along and seeing the techniques used is the most important and having limitations because of your DAW or plugins is also a very good way to learn how to use your own resources and adapt your workflow to what’s shown in tutorials.


Hi @Tekalight,

I totally agree with you but am about to purchase Cubase and wanted to know if the DAW features in use are fine with the Artist version.

Hi again,

I haven"t been through the full course myself, but watching a few videos I can tell Austin is using the Pro Version of Cubase and seems to rely on many 3thrd party plugins, so according to the differences between the Artist & the Pro version, I don’t think that the Artist version will be a limitation for this.

That said, could be cool to have @austinhull advice here since I haven’t been through the full course & seen the complete workflow. Messaged him on FB about your question, so hopefully he should gives you some hint here.

Also, taking a look at Steinberg shop Website, I can see that upgrading from Cubase Artist 10 to Cubase Pro 10 results in the same final price than buying the Pro version in first place, so IMO the Artist version is a good point to start, you won’t save more money if you buy the Pro version today.

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I like this one…

I think it doesn’t matter which DAW you use. You can get even more out of it, whem you are not using cubase. You have to think for a solution to the problem in you DAW.

I like the training very much! :slight_smile:


wow this guy forgot to turn off the metronome the whole course, so annoying


This is absolutely not true, the tutor has the metronome playing only during certain parts of a few videos, mostly when it was needed to record and check back the timing when listening back. There’s a huge difference between this and the metronome playing the whole course like you mentioned.

It is not the first time that your comments are inaccurate and mostly bitching at irrelevant points that are really not reflecting the content of the courses. The comments section is here for you and other members to provide constructive feedback. It doesn’t have to be positive feedback if you disliked something but at least it should be accurate and reflecting the content of the course.

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Austin es un gran experto en la materia.

Fantastic! This dude is a genius.

Very useful and clear!