How To Make - Progressive House in Cubase / 413

 Clear your schedules for this eagerly anticipated epic 5hr 50min release from Sonic Academy.  

In this comprehensive 37 video tutorial, we take you through the full process of creating a Progressive House track as made famous by Daniel Portman and Jerome Isma-Ae.

We walk you through all the steps from creating beats and synth sounds to mixing, arrangement and mastering and show you from start to finish how to make a prog monster.

The midi files link does not work .......


Great Course , missing a video file tutorial 15 is offline. Thanks


Thanks fore reporting this & yes, I can confirm that video N° 15 isn’t playing on my end too.

FYI → @bryan_spence @willsonic something you can fix guys ??

Hi there - Tutorial 15 should be working now :slight_smile:

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It does ! Thanks :wink: