How To Make - Progressive House in Logic Pro / 415

 Clear your schedules for this eagerly anticipated epic 3 1/2 hr release from Sonic Academy.  

In this comprehensive 27 video tutorial, we take you through the full process of creating a Progressive House track as made famous by Daniel Portman and Jerome Isma-Ae.

We walk you through all the steps from creating beats and synth sounds to mixing, arrangement and mastering and show you from start to finish how to make a prog monster.

why 56 is a magic number in delay?

The delay will start feeding backing nicely at 56, creating a nice looping distortion that I love - automate the feedback to go to 50 over say 4 or 8 bars for a really cool effect, any more than 56 it distorts to wildly and get really really loud. Hope this helps.

of course never heard about this nulber so it is from your experince !!got it man thanks a lot,today have some problem arranging cause have really great stuff but tired to just arrange!!especially that im alone !!thanks Chris

It starts feeding back on itself after that creating to heavy distortions - 56 feedback gives you nice distorted feedback

awesome chris , i tested it :) thansk for the tips my arrangement are musch better with

Yes finally what i was looking for Progessive House. I hope Chris Agnelli this tutorial will be better than the How to make Electro House in Logic Pro 9!!! Ouu can't wait to watch!!!

Did you not like How to make Electro House in Logic Pro 9??

I liked it but i needed it to be more complex.... Sort of like how one can could make his own melodies easily and how to make your own sounds using A.N.A. I needed you to go into depth of how to use A.N.A to make awesome Electro House Leads.

So glad i found these courses :) looking foward to starting this one
today, iv been lucky enough to be signed by a record label a couple of
weeks ago, so these Tutorials work! best move i ever made subscribing to
you guys, lets hope i keep improving! thanks again guys! keep up the good work!

Hi chris! I'm from barcelona so excuse my english.
I know that this tutorial is a bit older than others but I'm having problems mixing the tracks and is quiet boring all that tweaking and premixing, simplify it, because I don't understand what I'm doing because you don't explained enough for what is this and that, for example in ultrabeat.
I know I should do my own research about envelopes and lfo's etc...
Please make some videos in-depth about synthesis.
And thx for all your hard work !

brilliant course in detail. Thanks

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The ancient Logic version unfortunately drags down the value of this course. If I had to suffer through ur-Ultrabeat and the other primeval Logic synths I‘d probably invent Ableton out of frustration :slight_smile: I mean look at ES M, it looks like somebody stole the UI out of Quake 2.

Personally I‘m more interested in techniques than software particularities so likely the wrong course for me.