How To Make - Progressive House - Tiger with Jerome Isma-Ae / 941

…such a great track

Damn… I’ve been trying so hard to get close to recreating that arp but I just can’t… Can’t hear what should be midi and what is not. What effects are used on this? Seems like it isn’t all notes also some overlapping delay. Anything else?

Hey there @Dnaatog

Check the previous posts ( this one in the topic, How To Make - Progressive House - Tiger with Jerome Isma-Ae / 941 - #10 by RichWhitfield ) one user recreated the midi notes for the Arp and shared it here on the forums. Then it was commented back by Jerome Isma-Ae telling to add an 8th note delay to it and that should do it.

Amazing track! Watching this makes me to get back into producing again.

Can someone pls help me to recreate that beautiful pad sound in another synth. I don’t have Diva. Either sylenth or ANA 2.? Please help

Hey there @kavin2134

ANA 2 guru @phil_johnston would be the man to help with this. I sent a PM to both of you including some Diva’s screenshots & the raw patch sound rendered to audio to get some reference, don’t know if Phil have the time for it though. It could also be something for some upcoming ANA 2 sound design tips during a future Sonic Live Stream on YT perhaps. Let’s see what Phil thinks about it.

Cheers !

Thank you. I hope we hear soon from him

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Nice tutorial ! Would be very nice to a have a tutorial on how to make these atmos sounds.

Hi there @kavin2134

Check your messages here on the forums, Phil worked his magic with ANA 2 to recreate this pad sound for you. Pretty hard to tell the difference between the Diva patch :wink:

You own this man a beer :smile:

Cheers !

Yea, thanks man and much thanks to Phil. i cant express how happy i am now. i really liked that pad sound and its amazing even on ANA2 now. just meddling a lil bit on the attack and filter cutoff values and we have the exact sound. Thanks to both of you!!

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Amazing course and extremely informative. A long term fan of your music so thrilled to get an insight into how you work.

Only just got round to doing this course, wish I’d done it sooner, really enjoyed it - easy to follow and to the point. Had another go at doing the ARP -
This follows the extended version of Tiger and to create the sound I used a metallic plucky sound from Reaktor, lots of 1/8 delay and a separate filter.