How To Make - Progressive House - Tiger with Jerome Isma-Ae / 941

Hi there @stephenr

All S.A Remix Competitions are hosted with a 3 weeks time duration unless decision to extend it.
So yes, it’s definitely 11th of April 2020 for the submission limit date.

PS: please refer to & post in the dedicated Remix Compeition Topic for all related comments, let’s keep this topic for the tutorial comments only, thanks.


Is there any chance of getting the midi for the arp for the remix comp please?

@RichWhitfield: Unfortunately not. We did this with a synth that we don´t have anymore. We only have the recorded audio file.

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Wait, there is a remix competition on this? I didn’t see it. I always like doing these.

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@Jerome: No worries, thanks for letting me know. I will have to try and work it out.

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Ok I have had a go at working out the arp. I think I have too many notes, meaning that some of the notes might be the delay on the synth rather than actual notes. It sounds ok though -


@RichWhitfield: Yes, very close to the original arp. Just add a 8th note delay and you should be fine with your midi file. Good job!


Thanks for sharing this, really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

New favorite quote about compressors. “Iron it flat.” :slight_smile:

Brilliant, Jerome. As always the simplicity of your productions is heartbreaking.

As I first saw Jerome’s tutorials on “Kubrick” and “Timelapse”, I realised how simple it can actually be, to produce a good track without using 50+ channels in your DAW. Those videos literally changed my mindset when I’m about to start a new project and helped me having my music released for the very first time. Thank you for all this, just wanted to say that :wink:

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@travisp: hahaha

@tobypearce: Thank you very much!

@nicky_morales: Congrats to your first release! I´m very glad to hear that our videos helped you with your productions.


Jerome Isma-Ae has the best sound, I think i buy ana 2 now

…such a great track

Damn… I’ve been trying so hard to get close to recreating that arp but I just can’t… Can’t hear what should be midi and what is not. What effects are used on this? Seems like it isn’t all notes also some overlapping delay. Anything else?

Hey there @Dnaatog

Check the previous posts ( this one in the topic, How To Make - Progressive House - Tiger with Jerome Isma-Ae / 941 - #10 by RichWhitfield ) one user recreated the midi notes for the Arp and shared it here on the forums. Then it was commented back by Jerome Isma-Ae telling to add an 8th note delay to it and that should do it.

Amazing track! Watching this makes me to get back into producing again.