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Progressive House with Gai Barone

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Back by popular demand, we welcome Italian DJ and producer Gai Barone for an all-new ‘How To Make’ course where he recreates his track ‘Descendent’ from scratch in Ableton Live.

Starting with inspiration from delayed arpeggiated synth sounds, Gai takes us through his process of building the all-important Kick and varied percussive hits along with beautifully evolving pads, basses, arps and more to create this epic, constantly moving progressive track.

Packed full of production tips and tricks that keep all the elements in check to fit perfectly together, Gai is clearly having fun while sharing his pro knowledge on how to put this progressive track together.

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Just a FYI for Saturn 2 owners looking for that Magic Mastering preset …it’s a Saturn 1 preset which you can download from Fabfilter.

This has been really helpful! Thanks

Very interesting. Thanks Gai !!

Amazing love how you made the atmospheres its beautiful! Thanks!

Really Great Course, I am still in the Third Chapter but will keep going


Thank you for this course, it was very instructive.

Thanks Gai For the course. Really like your music and i’m having fun watching you make it. :wink:

Just the sound I wanna dial in nowadays. Thanks for this…

Amazing course gai, what a great insight!

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Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comment. ! :sunglasses: