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Progressive Trance 2019 with Protoculture

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After a ton of requests Protoculture’s back for an all-new How To Make Progressive Trance course and it’s MASSIVE!

Whatever genre you’re into this is one of those tracks where after listening, you’ll want to know how it’s created and luckily for you guys we get to see this one built from scratch.

Completely unscripted, Nate lets his experimental side shine through along with his mastery of synths, vst tools, automation and effects, this 6 and half hour epic course will show you how a pro gets results.

Easy to follow yet incredibly detailed, Nate always explains the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ in-depth so there’s something for everyone.

A brilliant track full of different techniques and definitely one to check out!

One video in and brilliant as always.

Fantastic as always!

haven’t delved into the tutorial yet but as a track this is probably the best piece of work I’ve heard on SA! Proper track. Thanks guys.

Great course, clear explanations and useful creative ideas. Some very interesting plugins used too, lots to think about after watching this. Thanks again, Nate.


Great work as usual!

Damn that just saved my Christmas holidays !

I’m excited. He is a wealth of knowledge. Question. Why are a lot of the stems and wave files distorted when importing into ableton live 10. Any ideas?

Hi there @jrokov

Yep, I have the same issue here, it looks to me that Live 10 can’t import those audio files correctly, could be a bug or lack of feature, not sure.

The original audio stems are 44100 / 32bit .wav files, when importing them in Live 10, playback will be broken, the wave form is completely wrong and the output level is fully saturated.

Converting those files to 44100 / 24bit .wav files and the import & playback worked as expected.

Changing File Type & Bit Depth in Live 10 settings doesn’t help, still not working with original 32bit files.
Not happening in Logic Pro, so definitely something to do with Live 10 (tested in 10.1.5 as well as latest Beta ).

So you’ll need to convert those audio stems to 24bit audio files.

Original 32bit import result :

Converted 24bit import result :

Live Settings :

@Protoculture @Sonic_Academy Might be worth to include a 24bit version of the stems into the tutorial resources to avoid this issue.

Thanks. Legend!

Yo, I’m unaware of Ableton having issues with 32bit files but its quite possible. 24bit are usually fine but I;m in the habit of doing 32 as it affords you more headroom usually when mastering. I’m about to hit the road after the christmas holidays but I’ll see if I can’t get a set of 24bit files uploaded instead soon as I have a chance.

@Protoculture @jrokov

Hey there guys,

Did some more testings with Live 10.1.6 as well as the latest Beta on both MacOS 10.13.6 & Win 10 Pro 1909, taking a random 24bit/44100Hz preset from a pack, converting it to 32bit/41100Hz and the result was the same under each version of Live as well as under both OS.

So nothing to do with your files or the way they’ve been rendered out of Cubase, definitely something wrong with Ableton Live 10 with 32bit audio files import. I will put a ticket by them.

Great course. Very helpful.

I found difficult to follow the course as I often don’t understand where the instructor is heading on. The structure of the song is not very clear. A lot of plugins are also used, most of them I can’t afford to buy.

I try to keep these courses as close to my actual production process as possible. Sometimes I do jump around but that’s how I actually do things in the studio from time to time. As for the amount of plugins, unfortunately its the same thing… it wouldn’t be reflective of how I make my music without using the tools I normally do. That said, I use a lot of Plugin Alliance plugins… they have a great subscription model which will get you everything in their catalog.

Thanks Nate for an amazing insight into your production process. I learnt alot! Looking forward to your next courses.

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is there any way to create the bass not using falcon?how?

Hey there @BorjusG

You can get similar results using a sine in the Sub OSC from Kick 2, here is my attempt to recreate a similar sound & some midi clip playing a C0 16notes/15% groove generated in Ableton’s Live. Again, similar sub-bass sound, didn’t spent too much time getting the exact same result but you can design it with Kick 2.

Basically you use a Sine in the SUB Osc and tune it to C4 and then play with the nodes in the pitch section & tweak the amp section decay and adjust the length, then use the EQ & distortion to give it more grit.

Kick2_Proto_Sub-Bas.preset (5.3 KB)

Proto_Sub-Bas.mid (175 Bytes)

Thanks Nate!

That was a really fun course to follow and learn from.

Cheers for using Falcon! I just got it for Christmas :slight_smile: