How To Make - Progressive Trance - Dreamworld with Jaytech / 1172

Your web is really not smooth of playing videos … they’re keep loading on and on, too much drop, so annoying.

seriously, the video playback is really horrible.


Merged your 2 posts into 1.

Where are you located and what’s your broadband connection speed, are you streaming through Wifi or plugged in with an Ethernet cable ? Have you tried a different web browser ?

That could be things to check on your end.

Also, this course has been made available for free as the Sonic Academy year 2021 free course based on community request, so there might be quite a large number of streams at the moment :wink:

I’m living in Bangkok, Thailand, my internet speed is 926.87 Mbps on ethernet cable just only web browsing on and yes, the other websites are working perfectly at that moment.

Maybe I’ll check on the course again tomorrow if it is probably caused by too many streaming like you said, thx for advise :wink:

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Awesome Course!

Amazing Course

Thank You JayTech! I caught a few tips, it was worth a look :slight_smile:

Great course !!! Learned alot !

Solid Course !!

great work!

Thanks for that

JIMBO u make the best Tuts, big thanx !!

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :wink:

You are a phenomenal teacher - thank you for this course!

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :wink:

you had me at chord sandwich lol great great classic tutorial timeless

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