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Progressive Trance - Dreamworld with Jaytech

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Back by popular demand Sonic Academy welcomes Jaytech for an all-new ‘How To Make’ course where we recreate his Anjunabeats Progressive Trance classic Dreamworld from scratch.

As with all of Jaytech’s courses we get the in-depth philosophy behind the writing as well as all of the production techniques involved. This makes his ever-popular courses more than just a ‘How To Make’ as he delves into the deeper questions answering why he makes the decisions he does when creating a dance track.

Starting by stripping the track bare to its musical element we build up a wall of layered sounds and beats to make this epic floor filler crammed with tips and tricks along the way from a true professional to help raise your game.

Oh yeah, there’s a remix contest as well…

Just click on the link above for more details and your chance to feature on the world-class label Anjunabeats!

Contest Ends 26/03/2021 - 23:59 PT

thanks for the course and thanks for the optimism with a reverb named “stadium” - my reverb is still named covid lockdown bedroom :slight_smile:

jaytech you are amazing learned alot from u .i always wanted to see how they make anjuna chord stacks like this wow

This looks nice, is there a course like this for FL Studio user to?

Hi there @Vega2k

From the tutorials page you can search for courses either filtering results by Software/DAW ( from the list on the left side ) or by key words ( using the magnifier icon on the top-right page ).

Using the 1st method and selecting FL Studio within the DAW list will give you all courses available using FL.

and if you’re after Trance tutorials, you’ll be happy to see that there are 3 courses from James Dymond covering this inside FL.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

Hi Jay!
With your solid, concrete and pragmatic course, the mountains are just hills that you make so easy to climb.
Even for beginer, one step after the other and we reach the summit with you.
French “dédicace”. Big up! #Paris_is_in_the_place#

Been a fan for years and now a complete beginner in the producing game - this was so insightful and helpful! Nice one Jimbo :slight_smile:

this level of complexity/sonic stacking… is simply not possible on a Mac.

Jaytech, you’re on a PC. And rightfully so. Either someone is serious about music like you are… or not

Let’s leave the logic pro aka garageband on water pills tuts for the beginners and…

oh come on, everyone. I’m just being funny. LOL please chuckle. I love the logic tuts here I have learned a lot from them! Thanks for a great tutorial here Jaytech I will try to make the remix deadline

Slate version of Ana2 - we need

Valuable indepth details, thanks Jimbo.


Short videos packed with great tips.

Fantastic as always. Something I am curious about is the stats of the computer this is being done on. Ram, CPU…how many threads…what kind of audio interface. I can’t be the only one wondering about this.

Hey, I am interested in this course as it looks really interesting. I am having an issue up to now, I have tried to download the two resource files that are available to download. I assume these two files are to help with this course? I have downloaded both files, I am able to access Remix+Parts+(126BPM+C#) file but unfortunately I cannot access the other downloaded file - Jaytech±+Dreamworld+Project as my Mac tells me its unable to expand this zip file because it is an unsupported format. Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there @bailey6599

Both archives have actually the same format .zip, only the file size changes, so it could be a corrupted download, next thing to try if what’s written below doesn’t work would be to download the archive again.

1. I would suggest to try to rename the archive name ( just the name, not the .zip extension )
2. Try to use a different archive manager app, like for example KEKA

Thanks, great series

Which Ana2 skin are you using?


It’s the “Slate Vintage Analog skin”, this is only available when you get ANA 2 via Slate Digital “All Access Pass” subscription, it’s not part of the Sonic Academy version of ANA 2.

Oh that’s maddening! Honestly I think I would use Ana2 a lot more if I was attracted to the GUI, but the stock skins are so flavorless.

Great video!!