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Progressive Trance in Logic with Chris Agnelli

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Following on from his massive trance course,  Chris Agnelli slows things down and gets deep and groovy in his 'How To Make Progressive Trance'. Blending the best of Jaytech, Mat Zo and Anjunabeats, we lift the lid and peer into the world of Progressive Trance. Oh and one more thing.......We introduce you to the wonderful world of ANA, Sonic Academy's very own massive synth. So sit back and enjoy over 3 hours of deep beats, lush pads and world dominating synths.  


Where is the playthrough?

Where is the playthrough?

ableton version please!!!

An Ableton Version would really be helpful.

there will be a playthrough up soon!

Great tutorial! Very informative and well-put together! Don&#039t really need an Ableton version. All the concepts are there, we just have to translate them.

Why do you need ABLETON or Logic version? you watch videos and do as or with other notes or tones! can at least in another program! (CUBASE) resources indeed put you guys! There is no difference in what to do!!! Learn and learn to do it yourself! rather than accept ready-made projects!!!

Many thanks to Chris for this course! also want to mention that really liked the melody and the length of the pit of trans course! dj Arsenal (Vladivostok) ru

but the tutor may use logic features that are not in ableton or cubase.. and to exactly do this in ableton you will need to know very good both ableton and logic

interfajs programmes are all! here on the site very lot of video material! so you will be able to do himself in this ableton! You guys put all the samples in the video remix Pack! I don&#039t quite understand English language exactly but my house 2 (8 ableton & Logic) even there is a Reason (3: all English language and I&#039m less than half a year they learned completely although music is not my main occupation to look like the main! sÄ?ego they start you can replace if no synthesizers in existence even VST turn ears listening and sound// don&#039t use when writing music headphones technics rp-dj1210 or 1200 they distort sound!

Fantastic Tutorial. Chris always explains what he is doing, and why he is doing it. Great motivational talk on giving a track 110%! My favorite instructor. Thinking of actually extending my subscription because of this tutorial. Thanks a lot guys!

Thanks Chris! I love how you kept the LESS is MORE concept on this one. More like this please.

Great tutorial!

Fantastic, thank you. No need for Ableton version.

Great tutorial. On the arpeggio tutorial it&#039s probably worth noting Chris had his piano roll transposed up +12 before anyone gets confused as to why there&#039s may sound a little low :-)

another awesome Sonic Academy Tutorial.. Im an ableton user and i can honestly say there is nothing hes done in on this tutorial that cant be done in ableton. Yeah, so a couple of synths are different.. learn how synths work because alot of the sounds he made could be made with sylenth..

I wasnt a fan of the basline, it just sounded a bit &#034typical&#034 and possibly a bit busy... but hey.. thats why music is great, we all have our own opinion.. i would love to see a tutorial on the harder trance thats coming out with the electro/complextro influence.

i give this tutorail 4.5/5

the only reason it didnt get full five is due to lack of play through..

check the intro vid for a track play through....

just finished this course, absolutely outstanding and worth every penny, pretty easy to follow, i&#039ve blasted through all this in 3 days of back to back tutorials. Previously had no production experience but i think now i have the frame work to start building my skills without feeling like it&#039s all over head. a couple of the instruments that were used weren&#039t present in my logic for some reason and the supplied instrument files did not work. However i recreated the noise with some tinkering of other instruments and now I&#039ve learned even more. Couldn&#039t be happier, Now the fun part of applying what i&#039ve learn&#039t to the ideas in my head! Thanks Chris....Also the ANA Synth is really nice and easy to get a good sound from, i&#039m looking forward to getting paid so i can purchase and shut the demo voice up lol

Video 19 has about ten minutes empty and then starts again, needs some fixing. Otherwise, and as others requested with added play through, great stuff!