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Taking on an absolute Trance Classic Protoculture’s back with us this week to remix Coast 2 Coast’s ‘Home’ in an all-new epic 4-hour course!

Not for the faint-hearted, this course moves along at a quick pace considering the huge sound achieved by the end.

Nate gives us a valuable insight into his workflow techniques, and even though he only has a vocal sampled from the vinyl to work with, he recreates recognisable sections of the original track and putting his own stamp on the remix to build a club-ready euphoric classic from scratch.

Packed full of pro tips and techniques from beat creation, vocal processing, driving bass lines, epic leads, ethereal breakdowns and mixing and mastering there’s something for all abilities in this tutorial, and even though Nate uses plenty of third party plugins from his extensive arsenal, similar results can be achieved with your own collection and DAW.

You’re not going to want to miss this one!

Great!!! Thanks a lot

This was great, really enjoyed the whole process, love the remix too.

Amazing. Thanks so much Protoculture and Sonic Academy.

Great tutorial! I wondered how remixes were done when all that was left of the original is a dodgy sample. I like how you go through the whole process from start to final mixdown and mastering.

Since all things 90s are hip again how about a Goa trance tutorial?

This was amazing! Thank you!

I really enjoyed these amazing insights into the work process of creating an excellent remix

What a frickin’ banger.

Great course so far - although has anyone else noticed that the percussion samples aren’t playing correctly when you open the project? (this is even after disabling any 3rd party plug-ins I don’t own).

HI there @kayzen

Unfortunately I can’t open the project because I’m not a Cubase user but my guess here is that it won’t same the same as the stems or final video course since you’re not using the same plug-ins & effects when opening the project. That’s one thing, another point could be checking if some tracks aren’t muted or disabled as well as checking routing to bus and channels output.

Hi @Tekalight

No, that’s not the issue. I have UVI shade and even routed the channels to stereo-out bypassing the bus channels and still nothing. When I go into the audio folder of the project I’m seeing that all the percussion files have “00:00:00” as their length and when I even try and play the sample individually through a media player there’s no sound, so I assume there’s a problem with the source audio files in the project.

Hmm… :pensive:

Again can’t test here on my end unfortunately :cry:

@phil_johnston / @Protoculture could one of you guys have a look into this please ?
Thanks :wink:

It’s a good thing you wear those glasses. Be careful with your eyes, they are as important as your ears. Come on !!! I start this one before the vacations .

Stop shaking that stupid small mouse cursor . That makes people stupid hard to concentrate on lesson.

Simply amazing course

This is just excellent. Thanks Nate for your consistently top notch output. A godsend for Trance heads and especially so if your DAW of choice happens to be Cubase. I am yet to come across higher quality training materials anywhere else.

Protoculture is really one of the most generous electronic music artists I’ve ever met, so this tuto is in my basket. Thanks Sonic Academy .