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It’s finally here!

This week we’re bringing you another exclusive at Sonic Academy and we’re super stoked to welcome a brand new tutor - Washington DC-based producer and DJ, Enamour to guide us through How To Make Ruby - his latest track just released on Anjunadeep’s Explorations 08 which is currently sending positive chills down the spines of those in the Progressive House scene.

With it’s beautiful arp lead and constant synth pad drone that takes you to the breakdown before taking off again full speed, Ruby is a ‘journey’ in the truest sense of the word and Enamour’s attention to detail in keeping a fluid motion is in full swing here to create this awesome track.

Starting from a blank canvas, we first lay down the melodic hook before layering the bass and pad sounds and building the varied drum groove. We then move on to a basic arrangement before filling out the overall sound with background ambience and one-shots using clever processing techniques. In the final section of the course, it’s all about building tension and movement with extensive automation before mixing down and creating a master ready for the clubs.

The level of detail and care taken into every aspect of this track is mind-blowing, and it’s a course packed full of tips and tricks for users of all abilities. We know you’ll agree that the end result is a thing of beauty, so what are you waiting for?

Watch and learn from a true professional and take your skillz to the next level!


Sonic Academy has teamed up with Enamour and Anjunadeep to host an exclusive remix competition where the winner has the chance to feature on an up and coming Anjunadeep compilation album!

Getting your winning mix out on the infamous ‘Anjunadeep’ label will gain you unparalleled exposure and will kick start your major career! You can be in with a chance of joining artists such as Lane 8, Dusky, Yotto, Cubicolour, Jame Grant Luttrell, Alex Metric, Enamour, and Eli and Fur on this illustrious label!

The ‘How To Make Ruby’ Remix Contest is exclusive and only available on Sonic Academy. We’re proud to have one of the best music-making communities anywhere, and the level of production skillz coming through the forums is awesome!
So, ourselves and Enamour are super excited to see what you guys can come up with - we know you can smash it. You can now download the stems from this awesome tune and start working your magic!

We have shown you how to make the tune, now it’s over to you to get creative, make a remix of this track that shines above the rest, and show the world your production talent.

Just click the ‘Enter Remix Comp’ button above to find out more! This competition is open to all Sonic Academy registered users.

Contest ends - 23/02/2019 07:00:00 UTC

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Great series, and nice to see a fellow Washingon D.C. based producer! Thanks!

Such a beast track man! Can’t wait to work on this remix!


Finally !
How to make a real and up-to-date Electronic Music !
Basic rules and Creativity, clean work !
and the result is great Electronic Music :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this… Great tutorial

Looks awesome!

Are you sure you don’t want it way much more louder like dj carnage?

It is only me or the song don’t sound exactly the same as the original?
From the kick to some effect’s and to the melody that start at the original track at 3:25 ?
I’m planning to buy the course but im a little bump that it don’t sound exactly the same.
I mean if someone else was trying to recreate it I was fine but when the original guy that make it don’t recreate it the same it is weird.

Anyway thanks for this opportunity

Doesn’t sound like the original …maybe the mastering?
anyway thank you , very good tut

If you think of all the variables in producing a track it must be pretty impossible to get everything to sit exactly like the original.

There’s also the process of detailed refinement over a few weeks of listening out in the wild that I imagine most artist do, which you just can’t really show in a tutorial… unless we start making them 457 hours long :wink:

As you say mastering is another element that will effect the final sound.

It’s not really about getting it to sound exactly like the original, it’s more about learning the process and techniques.

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in my opinion Cirez D - Eric Prydz, the Master of Electronic Music Production,His work always in the same power with the same cleaning !
2003 - Slammin
2004 - Woz not Woz
2008- Pjano
2015 - generate
2018 The Tournament

He decoded plugins and sounds :slight_smile:
Basic Plugins and Basic samples …
must get at least some clues from him, and he will tell us the short and correct way …

How to make Electronic İdea like Eric Prydz,
how to use basic 909, Linn Drum and some Logic’s stuck plugins :slight_smile:
I hope he heard us :slight_smile:

My Favorite Reference Tracks for special Genres ;

Moon Rocket - intro
Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite
Sondrio - Song for Kamal
Cirez D - The Tournament
Pryda - The End
Camelphat - Panic Room
Fisher - Ya Kidding
Jacl Back - Sometimes
Mark Knight - We get high from the music
Frankie Bones - Call it Techno

music is love :slight_smile:

Unreal course!

Do not be unfair, there are ridiculous courses on the internet.
Sonic academy is very helpful.
Enamour, Jerome’s,Liquid’s and Paolo’s and Julian^s tutorials are really Great ! Yes some basic methods are missing I think. I would like to hear from lane8, Eric prydz, fisher and moon rocket about how to make mixing ,drum pattern, gain staging, mastering etc…

Thanks for the feedback guys!

phil johnston hit the nail on the head. There’s several days/weeks of fine tuning little parts and editing the mixdown, etc. that cannot be replicated in a tutorial of only 5 hours. Also some of the melodic elements in the original I made on hardware synths, but in this tutorial I remade them on software VSTs. There will always be differences between hardware & software. For that reason however, I did include the pad melody and arpeggio stems from the original version for you to use in your remix!

As phil mentioned, it’s more about learning the process and techniques than just recreating the song. For what it’s worth I did write down all of the plugin settings for my VST fx so those are the exact same in both versions

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thx Enamour. Very very nice & helpful course!
Beside techniques you also explain a bit of your building process, the way you work on ideas, etc. Enlightening! :slight_smile:

Super cool course, thank you!

Finally anjunadeep!

@Enamour: In part 15 (mastering), at which slope is your Span spectrum analyser configurated (located under settings and then display range)?
The slope makes a lot of difference to have a ‘smiling face curve’ in the spectrum, I think :smile: