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The Mason sound follows a simple method, its about rocking dance floors and letting the good times roll. The Dutch duo of Iason Chronis and Coen Berrir have been putting the fun back into dance music with their ability to fuse technological know-how, musicianship and dance floor savy and this exclusive course on Sonic Academy is no different.


For the first time ever on SA, we bring you a course that will show you ‘How To Make’ a current release on Beatport - the stunning nu disco workout that is ‘San Remo’ The Mason guys rebuild the track from scratch over 13 videos from laying down the first kick right through to mixing and mastering. So go get the track on Beatport.. then learn how it was made, what are you waiting for.



Hi Guys, if you have any questions about the track or production in general free free to ask us on the social media below. Best from Amsterdam - MASON

So fresh! Well done guys

Instructor's screen setting is too small. I can't see anything.

how speed they automate and get the correct sound!

I don't quite follow the ARP tutorial. It didn't really talk about what steps to actually take to end up with what we see on the screen. It mostly focuses on showing some plugins, with some general discussion. Usually SA tutorials say "step 1, create a new track and then draw these notes, etc, etc. Your ARP tutorial did none of that!

hi! question about the arp tutorial... what made you choose to run that sound through a bass amp, as opposed to a guitar amp which is designed for frequencies closer to that which you're processing?

kick there any reason you choose to use an actual sidechain bus rather than plugins like LFOTool that sidechain for you?

bass tutorial...if you make your bass mono but then run it through a stereo reverb bus doesnt that defeat the purpose?

Nog that's fine, if the reverb is not 100% but just an effect

Yes, I wanna be able to sometimes automate the volume of the side chain signal, and it's important the kick in the side chain is the same as the original kick (so its not shorter or longer)

haha you're right, no particular reason I suppose - just had something that sounded good imo

leads tutorial...why does the # of voices matter in terms of the release of the envelope? if you set a longer release it should sustain whether its 1 voice or 100 no?

FX tutorial...what was the key command u were using to open automation for 1 track (whichever one you were working on) without opening automation for all of them?

Hi Aruna - it is 'a' the normal key command, but you can set a perf to view 'current lane' automation and view 'all lanes' automation in Logic Pro 9 (This course is LP 9) . Logic Pro X 's automation behaviour has changed where you have a power switch to turn on and off automation in each track header. Hope this helps.

where do u set this? i checked the automation prefs and didnt see anything like this, i'm on 9.1

I don't have 9 in this machine anymore so cant confirm this - but I believe if you have Auto Track Zoom enabled, depending on the vertical zoom level, you may have only seen automation on the zoomed track.

Guys just wanted to say this tut was fantastic, very helpful in terms of workflow as well as tons of little tips and tricks relating to both logic and sound design, thanks for making this and thanks SA for hosting it :) <3

Thanks Aruna, really glad you enjoyed it. Loving your track with Boom Jinx BTW!! Big fans of your voice here at SA towers!!

wow, I'm only on the 5th video and I'm learning so much already! Thanks Sonic Academy!