How To Make - Synth Punk in Ableton Live / 455

Realy shame that they use super niche plugins. Really doesn’t future proof the project file. Coupled with the fact there is plenty of things done in the project file which arent talked about in the video… like there is a FuzzPlus2 on the bass. It’s hard to emulate it on another VST when it isnt even shown in this video :frowning:

I’d love for a similar more up to date video be made in this style because it was one of the reasons i subscribed and therre arent many around the internet

this is still the best tutorial on this genre/style - and whenever I come back to it, like now once again, a different element sticks out — that I’ve somehow glossed over before/not paid enough attention to… this is truly “old but GOLD” - there’s another tutorial out there giving tips… one thing from that one I’d say to add here to help others: use a noise gate at times to trim off the top lines etc a bit to help give that shuffle/staccato jittery feel the tracks have in real life - other than that, aside from figuring out a more modern selection of sound design (c’mon people - you’re smart!) this tutorial lays down the foundations so well - you learn WHAT works and WHY. Kudos Phil Johnston. “In part two, we’ll cover the BAAAASSSE” - I love it, man!

in a way, you can use “two” lead sounces - Liam’s tracks often have a morse-code stabbing of the root note - a TB-303 type thing with high resonance, low filter - play that as a sort of morse could monophonic stab in your root note; top line with something like Ana “How Da rude” and you get something more nuanced, more layered! I will share my work once all finished!

finished my new (chord?) stab at this genre, this tutorial is such a guiding light for all the most important elements… here is my effort this time around… cheers fam! Stream New One by marztecheque | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I made another one thank you Sonic Academy Stream Welcome Words by marztecheque | Listen online for free on SoundCloud