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Synth Punk in Ableton Live

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How to Make…Synth Punk

Ableton is platform of choice for this nine video course. How to Make… Synth Punk, lets you in on some of secrets of acts such as the The Prodigy. Over an hour of straight-up straight talk to show you how to achieve beats and bassline sounds like one of the world’s biggest electronic bands.

Course features:

• Learn to make music online, in your own time and at your own pace;

• Learn quickly from our high quality video tutorials, presented by industry professionals;

• Get the most from your equipment – there is nothing more frustrating than having kit and not being able to use it. You want to make music and Sonic Academy tutorials show you how!

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OMG, I'm re-interpreting this in Bitwig - it is a blast so far. It's amazing how well this tutorial translates over to Bitwig - and then some - because of the cool Bitwig features... I'm only at Bass/tutorial 2 in terms of current progress, but already get a sense this is gonna be grand... will share when done... cheers!

@disqus_fiYlKVjkjz:disqus how good is this tutorial! I love how huge everything sounds with the simplest of techniques. Well done Phil, top quality as always :)

Such an awesome tutorial, I love this sound even though its completely different from what I normally try to make. Sounds like some old-school Orbital stuff.

It’s 4:49 AM and i try to watch the 2nd tutorial - bass, but it’s not streaming ?


It appears to be working here, can you try again / let me know what error message you are seeing?

Theres defo some good info in this one.

You’ve also gotta sound a little bit mental

wow I like it!

i was searching for that style and wasn’t easy for me! I’ m gonna try to learn!

Fantastic tutorial…so much easier when someone is helping you out!!! Thanks Sonic Academy

This is friggin brilliant! People would listen to this today. Awesome mix of classic 90’s with a bit more of their grittier sound.

now that i’m stuck here @ home on mandatory lockdown, a fun time to revisit some of these old tuts I never finished - aha Phil, I didn’t catch the first time around that there is swing groove on stuff… aha! Phil, such a good tut because you show how much is possible just within the DAW all by itself - you deftly use ableton’s envelopes, etc. for the loops as a sort of “gate” etc… to echo the sentiments here, some really good basic techniques here that truly remain classic and timeless and are still very relevant today!

i’m working my way, trying to use ana 2… the bass tutorial is incredible - so many key techniques packed into that one vid. I’m finding doing a separate patch for the top line “fuzz” on the bass can help give more independent control with sidechain etc so it sounds more like it’s going thru a guitar FX pedal… it’s fun taking this one and playing with parameters - the bass tutorial is good for understanding just in general how a subtractive synth works in general… so fundamental - it’s something that’s a common theme in these “oldies, but goodies” tutorial done by Phil, Bryan and… what’s that other guy again…? LOL

If you watch the weekly Live stream on YT, you will get that missing name, this is a serious lack of culture if you don’t know “that other guy” name yet… :scream: :wink: :smile: :sweat_smile: :joy: Hahahaha… Just kidding of course…

Tune in tomorrow at 08:00 pm GMT for the weekly Live stream

Cheers !

ha ha - fuzz plus used here by Phil is now *sooooo updated compared to back in the day - and still free!

latest ableton 10.1 aligns better the warp markers to the transients on endfill.aiff - phil’s extra steps to align the warp markers in tutorial 4 are no longer necessary - just straight to slice to midi!

at last! I first took a chord stab at this like… 6 years ago! What happened? Well, I was missing something - but at last I secured famed Irish vocalist Janty to guest feature on the vox and… well… that’s when I knew I had the track at last!!!

Stayincide (feat. Janty)

Amazing Course

Fantastic course. The detail is great and the breakdowns easy to follow.