How To Make - Synthwave with Bluffmunkey / 1454

I thought I mentioned it in one of the later videos, but he told me he was using an SM7b straight into a Focusrite 18i20. Nothing special at all!

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@phil_johnston @Bluffmunkey appreciate the replies. Yeah, I’m suspecting TLM 103 is more accurate, since that mic has a higher frequency profile than the SM7b. Also he literally did not do any levelling at all on his vocals?! Mind blowing how consistent he was then. I’ve never come across such clean vocals from just a straight mic to interface performance. Hats off for sure. :slight_smile:

Great course and something I really enjoyed watching. Thanks guys!

One thing I could have wanted more would be Bluffmunkey to dive deeper into those synthsounds and sort of reverse engineer them a bit for us who don’t have ANA or might maybe want to recreate them in other synths.



If you check out Tech Tips 57 there are several videos in there specific to sound design and syntwave, using various different synths.


Brilliant, thank you! :slight_smile:

Ah thanks so much for letting me know. I’m honoured you like it! :slight_smile:

I recently came across an awesome patch collection from Michael Oakley for the TAL-UNO-LX synth. One of the bass patches was super close to the legendary Polysix. :slight_smile:

This was a super-helpful course - thanks so much for mak\ing it available to us.

This course series was so badass!!! Great information and the song is just brilliant. Question on the sounds. Are those ANA2 patches part of the default patch set for the synth, or is that a separate “Synthwave” pack?

Actually a combination of the Synthwave pack and possibly a few from the retro/famous pack.

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Defenitly loved this whole tutorial! It is very thourough and a must do for any beginner.


Yo misters.

I did this excellent tutorial 7-8 months ago, but got only 85% finished. Just bought the entire course to download and aim to finish soon.

Using FL Studio and own produced vocals, no samples from the course.

I was wondering, how is the legality with regards to publishing my cover/song? Do I need explicit permission from Bluffmunkey? What are the general guidelines? Do I need to reference in case?

I will cancel my subscription in a few days, but am looking forward to hearing from someone that can answer my questions.

Sincerely, Strikewolf76

Hey there @strikewolf76

Sorry for the delayed reply :blush:

This track was part of a Remix Competition so I’m afraid you can’t upload any remix or cover outside of the submission link ( that was only possible for the Remix Contest duration, this one is now over ).

There should be a new Takeover Event and Remix Competition soon for subscribers, but that will be in a different genre.

Cheers :wink:

I was expecting a more complete course for this first lesson.

Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for posting :sunglasses:

Could you maybe share with us what you think was missing in the course ?

Have you checked the other courses related to Synthwave that might be complementary ones if you’re interested in this genre ?

Really enjoyed this course. It’s so beneficial to hear someone explain the “why” of their decisions around mixing, etc., not to mention just the great content around the song construction etc.

This is my second Bluffmunkey course and he’s a really engaging teacher - funny too.

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Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comment :sunglasses: