How To Make - Tech Disco in Ableton Live / 377

 In this course we take the loops we created from the Disco course and make a club banger.

We show you how to time vocals creatively cut up loops and do a live arrangement using scenes and midi mapping

Olav Basoski?

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This is gold!

well done sir

Hey one of the best! Like this style of music.
Very punchy. pls more.

hey thanks for the tut. btw where are the sample packs?..

@charlthug - if you have a gold membership, they&#039re in the &#034my account section&#034 under downloads -> courses. Makes no sense whatsoever, but that&#039s what we&#039ll have to deal with I guess. Great samples tho!

the sonic academy sample pack only has 7 vocal samples, none like the one in the video?? where do i find all the samples thanks

this was great would love more of this

I&#039m getting very bad echoing and out of sync picture in the later videos when I play off the website (e.g. vid14@ 17:15 & vid16 @3:10.) Was this due to the track being picked up by Phil&#039s mic ? Very distracting and hard to know what exactly I&#039m listening to.

brilliant course, thank you