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Tech House 2015 with Rene Amesz

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Rene Amesz has been producing groovy percussion driven house for the past 10 years for labels such as Toolroom, Spinnin’ Deep and Work Records. His ‘Filthy, funky, sexy’ sound has been destroying speakers all over the world and his sound is as refreshing to hear as ever.


Here, for the first time on Sonic Academy, Rene shows us a unique insight into his production workflow, sample selection and loop slicing to get an all important groove going. This is a no nonsense look at getting straight to the heart of a dance floor weapon. So enjoy this groove laden percussive workout.


NB: As this is a Artist course there are some third party samples used - Some of these have been replaced with royalty free sounds, others have been kindly provided for download by -:


Cluster Sound -:

5 Pin Media -:

Harley & Muscle -:

Deeperfect -:



YES!! Exactly what I've been waiting for :D

Im on logic but i cant wait to get started with this, hopefully its ok to use other software and still learn :) that tune is ear porn lol exactly what im loking for!

You should able to follow along with Ableton Carl, its a great insight into his workflow. Might juts take a bit long then normal, but worth it I think

Me too! Especially that is Rene Amesz!!

You most certainly can use any DAW whether Logic, Ableton, Studio 3, Bitwig...etc. The workflow is identical, however there may be certainly elements you may require to learn but that is the best part :)

Yeah thats what i was hoping for :) looking foward to this one! Cheers for that mate!

Cheers Chris! yeah il figure out my own way to get the same results! right up my street this type of track so looking foward to digging in! keep up the good work guys!

Hey guys, anybody does know how to get that effect (mono to stereo), on ableton live 9? Thanks.

Check out Voxengo Stereo Touch. It's free.

What is the name of the Cluster Sound Sample Pack?

Thanks Paul!

@chrisagnelli:disqus are all videos working right now? i get the splash screen then a spinning loading icon and then it says video unavailable...the problem may totally be on my end since im currently on a plane! ha maybe they are blocking it? weird because youtube and all other videos work... I wanted to complete this on my long as flight!!

yup, just checked all working fine, Im sure the inflight wifi will be the problem!!

What is "Record Time Max 1149 hours" in Cubase Pro as shown in the Intro video, near the top and center of the screen, in what looks like a status bar? Is it an indication of the total storage hooked up to the computer or is it an indication of total accumulated hours spent using the program? I use FL which records time spent per project under Settings (F10)>Info tab, which I suppose is useful if you were billing hours for mastering. I calculate ~730 GB audio storage if signal is stereo 44.1kHz 16 Bit PCM using info.

Thank u

I learn a lot thanks . #LeaveYourAutograf

Hi guys, i still waiting for a groove techno or tech house ableton video tutorial.I asked you on Fast track techno before six months and Phil Johnston answer me to give him un example...

Please help us to understand that kind of techno & tech house!

Gino G (CA) - Insidious Soul D-Unity Remix

Oscar L - Alors On Danse Original Mix

Luca M, JUST2 - The Power Stefano Noferini Re-Edit

Luca Morris - Just Move Original Mix

Nereo - Ready (Original Mix)

anyone have a link for the sample pack he uses for the bass stabs? i can't seem to find it?

It's the Minimal Impact Soundpack!