"How To Make" Tech House/House Like DJ Chus/Cabellos/David Penn

  1. Tech House | House | Organic House | Latin House

  2. DJ Chus | Cabellos | David Penn | David Herrero | Luis Pitti | Rob Mirage

  3. La Yerba Buena (Luis Pitti Remix) | DJ Chus & Mike Curcio - La Samba (Original Mix) | Rob Mirage - Organico (Original Mix)

  4. La Yerba Buena -

    La Samba -

    Organico - [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL2orHmhjdk][/url]

    Thank You - Alex Delgado

yes yes i’m agree that kind of sound could be mixed with difrent type of music as well

and we talked about one of the best producer around the world there is already course about tech house with mark knight but for me this doesnt sound very tech guys anyway i think its time for this type of music

Ismael Rivas Aka Riva


Wally Lopez

Yep, I agree… Although I’d go as far as to call it ‘Percussive House’, just to hit all bases… Thinking Loko, Saeed Younan etc., etc.

Loko - Lakuasa

Yes, i’d like to see some of this too.

I don’t really listen to alot of house but I came across this which I found really groovy

Sorry if it’s not what your looking for but I did not want to start a house thread :slight_smile:

Stephen Beaupre - Lotus Eaters


That’s a lovely track Slender.

We really really need a good two or more tutorials on these tech house genres… there’s no tut on the internet for this and the tech house tut on this website doesnt sound anything like the stuff on beatport top 10 right now.

mastiksoul is by far my favorite

the track is great really