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Sonic Academy welcomes Scott Lowe from Tech House trio and ‘Elrow Music’ fame Mescal Kids for an all-new ‘How To Make’ course showcasing their new track ‘Hausitch’.

With an awesome hard-hitting vocal that carries the track and a dank groove - this is a stone cold classic and Scott takes us from start to finish on how this track was made.

Easy-to-follow and packed with pro tips and techniques this is a masterclass in finding the right and relevant sounds, processing so each element fits in the mix, and arranging so that the builds and drops keep the listener moving with a smile on their face.

Once you’ve listened to the track you’ll want to set your DAW’s tempo to 124 and get on it!

Congratulations and Thank you very much Mescal Kids.
The Best Logic Pro and Electronic Music tutorials. :slight_smile:
Perfect teaching…
I hope your new tutorials will come soon… need More Logic Pro tutorials like this. :slight_smile:


Kicks and Claps are very clean. I think these are from the nexus expansions…
We would appreciate if you show us the finding Kicks and snares like this :slight_smile:

Thanks again…

Change the batteries on your smoke alarm :smiley:

Thanks a lot! Very helpful course.

nice project!

one word wicked!!!

Great work as always. Scott is hands down one of the best producers in the UK house scene, and the most genuine and down to earth!

Top work great tips!

Cool track… ! Thanks

Thank you Scott, a great tutorial indeed.

A quick question - where can you get acapella vocal like yours in the track (and also like the one in your other track “mind set”) ? i.e. sample pack?

This is where I found the Accapelle used in this track.

you can also grab it from here KIngs Of Tomorrow.KOT Anthem.Blackwiz... - YouTube

Very nice course! Where can I find the bass preset?

Hi there @Dave_Bright

If you mean the ANA 2 preset used in tutorial 5-Bass as a starting point, it’s a Bass Preset named “Downlow” from the ANA 2 Vol.9 Techno Presets Pack from Sonic Academy, you can purchase that pack here ANA 2 Presets Vol 9 - Techno | Sounds

It’s an excellent Presets Pack BTW, definitely one to add to your arsenal IMHO.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Cheers !

That drop design is fire!

Great track and really enjoyable tutorial, thanks Scott

great tutorial … hope see an other laterz !

I wish I could watch much more from you guys thanks for the helpful tutorial

Perfect teaching…! WE want more :o)