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How to Make… Tech Trance

How to Make... Tech Trance is Sonic Academy’s guide to emulating the Tech Trance style made popular by the likes of Sander Van Doorn, Randy Katana and Simon Patterson.

The nineteen video tutorials (detailing drums, percussion arranging, basslines, adding strings, synth programming and more) are also a great, focused way to enhance your music production skills using Ableton. Complete project files and a set of samples are included.

Course features:

• Learn to make music online, in your own time and at your own pace;

• Learn quickly from our high quality video tutorials, presented by industry professionals;

• Get the most from your equipment – there is nothing more frustrating than having kit and not being able to use it. You want to make music and Sonic Academy tutorials show you how!

For full access to the How to Make… Tech Trance video tutorials (and all of Sonic Academy’s other video courses too), subscribe today!

Pretty good tutorial, 8 / 10, I don't really like the riff changes and the vanguard synth is old and long gone. I like that warp synth at the end.

I'm glad that you showed how to get trance sounds using Sylenth. I'm using Live 9.5 64bit and I can't load Vanguard. It looks like Vanguard isn't supported any longer. I really enjoy your class and I'm using it to create music for video games!


I would like to make a suggestion about the choice of the songs your review or have been reviewing…or demoing for your millions of customers

other than Hero, you never do actual chart like songs that real DJ’s record nowadays…!!!
No serious DJs if they want to get airplay would ever record these stuff for commercial success…

Every course you bring is about music that almost no DJ really makes anymore, maybe if they are trying to fill an album but not if they are looking to really make money…

All DJs in this day are producing songs for !!Radio & Chart!! chances/play…with vocal Artists…!

Think of it almost 10 years and it is still always some house/trance bla bla bla that would never have a chance of being played on the radio.
There has been as far back I can recall,
beside Hero no, but alsolute No Vocal, Dance or Pop tracks…ever offered as course…

All top DJs who play at all the top festivals like “like Tomorrowland and all around the world”

they all make radio play songs these days, your british colleague Calvin Harris, for instance just name them…

but you are stuck with these same house stuff of 1000 variations, the playthroughs are allready uninspiring…

Phil, Chris, everybody, could you please, please start a new series “- dance + pop chart song productions/courses”

After almost 10 years it is time for a change to attract new different customers. It is time for
something more inspiring than the same old tune…
Ableton has gone from intro to live 9+ but you
are still stuck with the same old tune…please guys think about it **I would and I believe you would get massive new customers…
No offense …Please…!

dino cologne, germany

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@dino_illis its not about money its about the love of music and making tracks. not making cheesy pop house music just for fame.

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the underground will live forever. just like roaches, never die, always livin’!



great intro/outro

Great Tutorial. 10/10

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Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: