How To Make - Techno in Reason / 412

Learn how to produce the next big room techno classic in our How To Make Techno in Reason 4. Learn everything from programming massive sub bass throbs, bleepy synths and distorted percussion through to full arrangement, FX and loads of other large, banging techno tips and tricks. Use many of Reason's on board instruments and effects such as Thor, Malstrom, NN-19, NN-XT, Redrum plus much much more!!

Very good tutorial !! More tuto with Reason please !!

I like tais track , Thanks Graham ginty .

This is old but still a great TUT reason is on 9.5 now and has VST’s any chance of some tutorials on it?

Wow, 7 years ago this quality could have been one of the hit record. Is there any chance for having Mr Ginty again?

It would be awesome to see more Reason tutorials. I’ve learned to adapt DAW specific tutorials to what I use (or used, RIP SONAR) but it would be really nice to have tutorials that explore Reason’s unique character.

This is an excellent “back to the basics” tutorial. Without any frills, Graham demonstrates how to build an effective track. This tutorial is in no way Reason-specific. Great work, would love to see more from Graham on SonicAcademy.

Excellent course. Great for learning the ins and outs of Reason.

Yup, found this really helpful.

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