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The Feels with Paolo Mojo

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Paolo Mojo to take the helm and show us how he made his monster track ‘The Feels’ Currently riding high in the Beatport charts and having gained plays by the master himself - Mr Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show.
Those of you familiar with Paolo will know, his Renaissance & Balance DJ mixes are up there with the best and production wise his “1983” on Pryda Friends is one of the most enduring emotional dance records of modern times.

“The Feels” is another wondrous piece of heart-swimmingly good music from Paolo. It’s not an obvious banger by any means but its superb bassline and killer arpeggios will keep you coming back for more again and again. With support from Jeremy Olander, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, and Will Atkinson (BBC Radio 1 Residency) you know this is a stunning record.

Here Paolo lifts the lid on the production process as you get to watch and study a professional track, signed by one of the best labels around and played by some of the most respected DJs in the world today.
This is an opportunity not to missed and will give you next level insight that no other site is offering.

Not only that but we have teamed up with Glasgow Underground to bring you another massive remix contest. After the huge success of Darin Epsilon’s we know the standard is getting higher and what a track to bend, twist and make your own. What is a competition without prizes? Well, first placed remix as chosen by Paolo and GU will not only get a bunch of prizes from Sonic but have their winning remixed released by Glasgow Underground where you will join the likes of Dixon, Gerd, Andres, Oliver Dollar, Ejeca, Audiojack, Claptone, Christian Nielsen, and Jimmy Edgar as label remixes.

So, ourselves and Paolo Mojo are super excited to see what you guys can come up with - we know you can smash it. You can now download the parts from this awesome tune and start working your magic!
We have shown you how to make the tune, now it’s over to you to get creative, make a dope remix of this track and show the world your production talent.

Just click the ‘Enter Remix Comp’ button above to find out more! This competition is open to all Sonic Academy registered users.

Contest ends - 2017-07-29 06:00:00 UTC

Just watched the Play through and very impatient to learn more on the making of this amazing track. Thank you to Paolo & Sonic Academy to bring this one to us !!

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this dope! thank you!

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You going to submit a remix :wink: ?

Hi Chris !

Nice to hear from you, I’ll try and hope I will be able to come out with
a decent track before the dead line, I’ll let you know if I make it !! :grin:

Thanks again for this course anyway

Greets from France !


looking forward to hearing the remixes - have fun everyone :slight_smile: paolo

Sweet; AND it’s on my DAW. Let’s do this! Great track by the way Paolo Mojo :smiley:

I’m very excited to see what knowledge I gain from this course.

Which genres are allowed?


whatever you fancy!

If you check out the Glasgow Underground label you will get an idea of the kind of track that will work best

Downloaded the course & just finish watching it today and like I was expecting after the first listening, it’s a very good one !
Many thanks to Paolo for sharing his valuable knowledge, found it very pleasant to follow and well explained, thanks again !

Just watched the first video, can’t wait to watch the whole course. Bass distant fart of triumph!

This a good song to work with. Love the arpeggios.

Great use of kick 2!

Would have to be up there with the best tutorials i have seen , plenty of tips , well presented and paolo seems like a down to earth fellow …
Really nice tune too !!

Nice vibe of track

These vids are really useful.
I always loved Paolo’s music.
Started following him since 2011 I believe.

Cheers from Belgium!

Great Tutorial Paolo

Great ! very useful