How to make the following special short burst bass sound


Could anybody give me details of how to reproduce the sound just before the kick drum on the below sound sample , about 0.5 seconds and so on ‘brrrmm’ ?

How is called that kind of sound ?

Link sound sample :!/s/Effect+Sample/4O5P27?src=5


no body yet !, come on ppl !!

Might just be a sample with a slow attack.

much appreciate your input. I tried that, but the final sound is not the same. also I tried with drums. Really i would like to make that sound with ableton, operator, etc, or sylenth or fm8.

I think I know that sound! I sometimes play the djembé and if I’m right that’s the one you get when hitting it open really fast. So my guess would be to get the right sample (sort of open big djembé hit) and play it in 1/32nds with a long release. May want to juggle around off the grid for a more live feel…

Hope this helps!


Thanks Nico for your suggestion about percussion, which just overlap with the sound i want, the sound i am referring, i believe is a bass

Okay, I thought you meant at 0:29. :)

Is it the one before every other kick you mean? 

 I tried it with a sine-wave, long attack, put it in slide mode. Start with a low note (adjust the attack to let the sound come in the moment you want it to) and just (1/16th) before the kick hits, put in a note an octave higher as to let it slide 12 semitones up and release it to slide back down (set the portamento rather short or as to your own liking). 

I hope this helps you out!


Hi Nico,

I just wanted to be sure that you got the sound that i am looking for,

Yesterday by accident i found in priciple D-Sound in a track that you can listen to it clearly, e.g. at 0.04 and at a short break 0.35 you can have a listen to …  just please confirm if we are in the same page ,then  i will try to follow your instruction though … thanks , much appreciate your help


I guess the one you hear in this song is a reverse kick.  Simmilar as what you would do with a reverse crash and match it up with the actual crash so as to get a rising effect. 

Just take your kick (best results with a kick with a long decay like in the sound you just posted) reverse the waveform, make it match, and voila :wink:

Brilliant Nico, i will try your suggestions. Regarding the private message, i think is the option Glade, anyhow now i now exactly what you were referring about.

if you have a gap pls you are welcome to check my production and live dj mixes ,

I’ll let u know the results


Hi Nico,

Reversing a proper kick works wonders.

Thanks for your help !


I’m glad to have helped!


Nice Nico. You’ve used a track of mine to explain the method :smiley: