How to make this bass on Massive (Sample wav is attached)

I found this sound in a sample pack I bought a while back… How would I accomplish approximating this sound on Massive?br
Does anyone know what kind of bass it is even?br

Its really big in house music, kind of a stock sound that gets used all the time like the pryda snare…br
Can anyone help me identify what kind of bass this is and tips to make it?br
Bryan? Anybody?

My friend says it may be some kind of saw… any help here?

Hi jaws,br
Sounds like a few detuned saws, with a pitch bend, or glide, or a portamento - something to cause the note to bend, and a kick with a low cut on it.

This is pretty close, the original is a few differnt things layerd… but this is the Hoover bit… there is a high stab in the sample but its probably not needed.

Now is this essentially also a detuned saw or is it something else totally? I feel like theres some kind of processing on top of it?