How to make this Bass Sound with Ana 2

Hi i want help to make this bass sound in intro on ANA 2.



Hey @ronnyrydgren

Still scratching the surface of A.N.A 2 here, I have to find the time to dive more into all features & sound design, there’s so much under the hood & possibilities with this synth… So I won’t be the best to help here :blush:

My approach when trying to replicate a sound with a synth I don’t know by heart is to try to find a quite close sounding preset and tweak it : in this case the Ess Bee preset from the Factory/Bass could be a starting point I think, bringing the octave down, detuned & increasing the sub could help.

Anyway, you’ve got to dive in it, not sure if someone will provide you with all the work done…

Cheers !

If you are talking about theese chords in the intro, it’s actually very simple sound:

OSC1: Saw, 1 voice, Volume: - 10 dB
OSC2: Sine, 1 voice, Volume: - 3.5 dB

Filter: LP12, 300 Hz

It’s tuned about a quarter-tone down and the first chord is E, B, e, g#, b and f1#