How to make this bass

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I am relatively new to programming my own sounds and need a bit of help as I’ve been sat for days trying to programme this bass sound and not quite getting there. the bass sound is in this track, and comes in at about 1:20

DJ T. feat James Teej - Sense (Tale Of Us Remix) - YouTube

The synth ive been using to try to recreate this is sylenth1.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Think there are a few oscillators involved here. There’s some subby sine wave. The other one is a bit dirtier.

Have you tried searching through the presets to find something similar? You can learn some things from analyzing presets and tweaking them to your likings.

This is so easy!

Get 2 oscillators one saw and one HPulse bring both an octave down 2 voices on each detune oscillator one at 0.80 and oscillator 2 at 1.80 and turn the Hpulse oscillator volume to 2.10 as this oscillator will provide more roundness the ADSR Will be A:0.15, D:7.05, S:4.10, R:0.80…Oh and phase all the way and re trig on…Filter A Low pass at 42hz and the Filter control at 45 hz for a start with resonance at 1.80 and keytrack at 12 o clock turn the warm drive on (btw youll be automating the Cutoff) the more you move the cutoff the the left the more bassier and the more to the right the more highs…then we need a mod env to modulate the resonance and Cutoff Cutoff Knob at 1.20 and resonance Knob at 1.50…3.40 decay and3.40 release and finally the EQ…use the sylenth eq and increase the Bass 8db Bass Freq all the way to the right treble at 10db and Trebel freq all the way to the left