How to make this distortion please

Here is a small synth stab with some distortion to give it a raspy mid tone im trying to emulate.

I believe that the sound is made up off detune saw waves and white noise but i am having difficulty trying to emulate the distortion.

I have tried eqing first to bring out the mids and vice versa,then applying various distortion plugins such as Trash,Quadrafuzz,Guitar rig,Camel phat but with little success.

Any and all help would be much appreciated.Cheers



okee dokee,after playing around ive come to realise that the sound has its mid frequencies pushed out and then heavlly bitcrushed and compressed to really bring those frequencies forward in the mix.

two questions my friends.

1.ive tried to bring out the mids via eq but cant quite get that same tone.does anybody know of other filters,plug ins that really bring out that mid tone(like the sample).

2.The sample sound is so forward,upfront in the mix yet it has heaps of reverb around it.How?

Thanx people.

Tried listening via the link but could find a download option on the page…sorry

you’re talking about that 1 second .wav you uploaded yah? if so :

i think you were on the right path with the noise oscillator. also, i think it may be easier to add another osc layer or synth track to add the mid (or missing layer) and distort the mid that way… instead of all one patch (given that you are having trouble) allowing you to control the amount of noise and distortion per osc (referencing sylenth and it’s global values)

what synth are you using? if i have it, i’ll give it a go.

thanks for the reply S3android and sorry for the short sample.

I use the sylenth and i appreciate any attempt you do.

I will try what you suggested and post back with the results.

Thanks again.

hi wickededge the download link is about a quarter of the way down the page close to the middle.thanks