How to make this lead

Hey ive been messing around trying to get this lead. It sounds like a portamento lead backed up with a supersaw but its weird cos it seems to be absolutely LACED with reverb and delay. Also another thing i wasnt able to figure out is how is the melody being played. Is it single notes, is it single long notes heavily sidechained or is it chords heavily sidechained?

Hope you can help cos its an awesome uplifting lead…

Skip to 3:41, thats where it starts.

This is quite possibly the most uplifting sound ive ever heard in trance, so plzzzzz help me crack this i just cant get anywhere near it lol…

No one know? :frowning:

defo single notes… there are FX sweeps n stuff going in the back ground but the main sound seems pretty simple saw with distortion… it dosnt have much detune.

its also side chained very heavily and theres tons of reverb and delay.

How do you get away with putting so much reverb abd delay on a sound and not completely fkin ya mix up?

side chain the reverb off the main sounds

You say main soundSSSS, how would you set up sidechaining for a few different sounds? And which sounds do would you consider main apart from the Kick? nd obviously not the lead cos thats what we are sidechaining… bass?

you can set up a bunch of different side chains for different things.

having a compressor on your reverb return then using the main riff as the side-chain gives you a nice pumping effect on your reverb… makes it sound really dense with reverb tail but the sound comes through clearly.

if you have say 2 competing riffs that come in and out and sometimes over lap you can use side-chain or ducking ( same thing really) to dip the volume of one when the other is playing.

if you have say a vocal part that comes in at the same time as your main riff the 2 might be competing fro the same space… you can agin us the vocal to “duck” the main riff.

Alright cool, thnx Phil. To my ears the lead in the example i posted is heavily sidechained with the kick, obviously its harder to tell how everything fx wise is being processed.