How to make this sound?


Nube here so apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I really like the sound of the bassline in this track. Been trying with the ES 2 and Sylenth1 but no joy and now having a mess around with Sculpture. Not wanting to copy someone else’s work as I know it’s better to be original but I’m still learning and would like to be able to create all kinds of sounds. The style of music is being dubbed jackin house although I think it’s far from jackin house. Still like it though! Anyone any ideas on how I’d create a similar sound, still quite new to it.

Link to sample is:

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Intel Imac:

2.66GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor


Logic Pro 9 / Ableton Live 8

M-Audio Profire 610

KRK Rokit RP6 Monitors

Hey man in Sylenth Use a Q Pulse with 1-4 Voices on the first oscillator and second really up to you and detune Oscillator 1 by 1.10 around there and detune oscillator 2 by at around 1.80 and stereo for both osc at about 1.5 dont and also try it without stereo it sounds good either way on the amp Env A Attack: at around 0.30 Decay at around 3 Sustain at around 5 and release at about 1.6 then pith the osc down an octave on both Retrig off then on Filter A Input Select: AB with a cutoff of 4.6 hz Resonance at about 1.7 and a little bit of drive around 2.4 and 24db Lowpass filter and on filter control have a cutoff of 44.7 hz and a resonance of 6 and key track up at 12 o clock on Mod envelope 1 select Cut off AB with the little wheel at around 2.80 decay at mid line and Release at around 3 oh and make sure the polyphony is set at 1 and i hope this works! it sounded close over here! have fun!