How to make this stop effect?

Can somebody help me with this stop effect at 1:49?

Thanx in advance

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lol er turn all the audio off for 1 beat? :smiley:

thanx. by that’s not what i had in mind. 

I think is only an automated High cut filter on the master bus.

Sorry cedrick i was sort of semi serious. At that exact point you mention it just sounds to my ears like the audio is completely cut out for a beat. Can you explani the effect you mean so I can listen along?

yes the audio cuts out but there is a quick slide before that.  it sounds like really quick turntable stop.

Try effectrix that will do trick

Thanx Paul.  I totally forgot about effectrix. :slight_smile:

everything stops and there a low pass filtersweep to 0

yep just a filter with a quick slope from open to closed, makes it sound like someone grabs the record

Many thanx.