How to Make Trance Pad Issues

I have been looking a while and can’t seem to find a solution to the following problem:

The files and resources for this tutorial include several EXS24 instruments titled:

Another Pad

Choirpad Velo

Noisy Vox

Softpad 1

thin clap

In the 11th video the instructor begins loading three additional pads using the “Settings” button from the Channel strip, which afterwards have a few effects already pre-loaded.

  1. How does one go about getting these pads to show up after using the “settings button”?

  2. Shouldn’t the .exs files have same names as the settings he is selecting (i.e. Pad 2, Pad 3, etc.)

    Thank you for any help, I’ve been having fun with this my first tutorial after buying my subscription last night, but have now hit a wall, and am pretty frustrated.

To whom it may concern, I just forged ahead with the training trying to mimick the quick screens the instructor did show of the effects he had on his pads and it pretty much sounds the same :]

But if there is a response to this that could help with as far as loading channel strip settings from future tutorial resource packages it would certainly be appreciated.

There’s also a big chance my questions are totally irrelevant ajnd/or purely coming from a place of ignorance- if so just e-slap me, I won’t cry… for too long

I have passed this on to Chris… im sure he will be able to shed some light on it.

a quick solution i think to your problem would be open the last project file from the course and navigate to the channels with the settings you require.

if you click on the preset name loaded on each channel preset you need, then save it out - it will make that preset available for selection on other channel strips.

if that makes sense?

Hey Bryan, that definitely makes sense. Will try! Thanks for the one-day turn around on a solution for this, Chris replied to the other post that referenced this too.

Very cool :smiley: