***how to make - tribal***


Online now! check it out yo!

A Sonic ‘How To Make’ course giving you the low down on those mysterious tribal beats. Get to grips with drums used and how to slice loops in both Recycle and Ableton.

Nice one Phil! I was about to head off to bed. Looks like I might be up for a while longer…


beds for noobs!! sleepins cheatin! etc.

hahaha nice one phil. good to see new content :smiley: cheers

ah very nice!!

i have to quit my studies :wink: producing and learning it

takes sooo much time ! anyways thanks for this tutorial!


Very well done phil ,great  tute man .

great video phil theres plenty off stuff in that one i’ll be putting to good use lol:D:D:D

something to add that is quicker that i learned: If you highlight the midi note or a series of notes, click on the notes and hold, then press down on the apple key, you can drag the midi note around without actually having to click off on the grid. Just a touch quicker then actually turning off the grid and then having to turn it back on.

Im all about shortcuts.

Nice one Phil. I was really looking forward to this one and so far I am not disappointed. I was just wondering if there will be more added to this tutorial (like a complete track). I am interested in seeing what other sounds you would add and how would you arrange these beats and sounds into a full on track.

The resonator seems really cool. The berlin preset is that basically turning the sound into a Fifth or Seventh?