How To Make - Tropical House with Reech / 491

This week on Sonic we present some laidback poolside grooves. This ‘How To Make Tropical House’ course takes you through the entire production process from laying in the first pads, right through to mixing and mastering. Brought to you by sonic newcomer and from the Gigi Barocco production stable ‘Reech’ This 2h 27m course covers everything from riff building to laying in and manipulating some vocal samples to give the track that proper polished tropical house feel. Don’t forget, you get the project template, all sample used and MIDI and audio exports of any synths used so you can follow along in any DAW. You even get the vocal samples to play, it’s the end of the summer, have one last blissed out blast, with this Kygo, Lost Frequencies, Felix Jaehn and Robin Schulz inspired groove

What is this Ass Effect You Speak Of?? LOL!! Great Tutorial Reech. Nice Tune Too. Thanks for sharing

In tutorial 2, Reech uses some electric piano chord samples that he has previously recorded and bounced out.

I’m curious what approach he took to recording these samples.

Are the chords somewhat random or did he first pick the key Am then record each chord of the scale with inversions?

It appears he has a system of organizing these chords with the numbering Piano chord 1, 1-1, 2-1. 2-2, etc.

Great tutorial, thank you!

He meant the Haas Effect, check it below and Google some more if needed:

Precedence effect - Wikipedia

super tutorial

loved it!


This is a awesome course !!!

Seems really good!!

Very Good Video.

Great tutorial!!! Here’s my take on it:

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Nice one, like the bass & the clean feel of the track while listening :wink:

Thanks! Very happy to hear you like my track! :smiley: I had a lot of problems with mud in the mix towards the end, but after an additional mixing session I managed to clean it up quite well :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Nice Track!

Great course! thanks man

Really great tutorial. Thank you sir.

I really liked this tutorial for many reasons but key highlights include mid/side approach to mixing, keeping in mind linear phase, great use of shadow hills compressor and creative use of the api eq as a “limiter” on the master chain… very pro. Reech as a fantastic foundation in advanced production techniques… would be terrific to have more tutorials from this guy!

good course! thanks for the inspiring tutorial, Reech! Stream We Got Summer by marztecheque | Listen online for free on SoundCloud